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Muqaddir Sharif Admi invents brilliant new Dialogue

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    Muqaddir Sharif Admi invents brilliant new Dialogue

    Muqaddir Shareeh Admi is of course just some American Pak kid having a giggle. Have to say though, I love the dialogue of this guy.

    Kharab ladki, shareef bhai, kuch nahin auratain, etc, etc, have me in stitches! It's brilliant stuff!

    My favourite phrase is definitely "The Pakistan".as in "Terrible attack on the Pakistan".

    I am definitely going to use this expression in future for the Pakistan.

    Keep posting here buddy. You're too much!

    oh yes
    look here ppl
    shareef admi says

    pakistan should now work as a pimp in order to prosper and use its women to gain support and stuff .......

    now now this is what is said in his page.....
    lol yep to some this might seem as quite a good statment ...
    some sick minds



      Does it occur to you that this joker is poking fun at the FOB's? Would anyone really want to make themselves look that stupid for real?

      Muqaddar Shareef admi is about as shareef as an Indian film actress. You only have to look at one of his "heart-break" stories to see that.

      Still, I got to say it again. He wins the Gupshup Best Dialogue Award 1999 hands down. Every message is a work of art in it's own right!


        xtreme ji

        we have an abundance of such ppl

        an abcd larki
        and darn proud of it


          Mr Xtreme .I think he is shareef badmash..just kidding bro...



            You'll, just enjoy reading it and if some parts offend you, then, skip over them but please dont make it a big deal cause its not.

            Keep posting Muqaddir(The Pakistani Shareef Admi with kharab abcd ladki -- hahahahah)

            Later on