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Friends or relatives?

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    Friends or relatives?

    Which do you consider as a stronger bond? Friendship or blood relationship?

    I feel friendship is a much stronger bond. We get to choose people who share our ideas and beliefs as friends, whereas one is rather stuck with his relatives, regardless of what they are.

    What do you say?
    Simple ain't easy.

    it depends on which blood relation ur talking bout:
    i thnk ur blood relationz as in ur parents ond bros and sises, even grnadparenst r a stronger bond, bcuz they r alwayz there 4 u ur frnds can disapear any where anytime cuz u know dey got family if their own and den that family has got probs, and then ur frnds other frnds which u dont know of soooo.....
    i wud say family bond is stronger cuz they have only u and u have only them

    but if ur talking about ants and uncles in sum cases ya but in others no frnds r better!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so it depends on the kinda relationship u have wid your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      If have often pondered on this and I think there are no clear cut answers... but being human beings we naturally closer to people with whom we have shared objectives in life .... - initially the happen to parents and siblings - then maybe its friends in school and then spouse & chilldren.....

      But I guess in life .... the person with whom u have continuity of objectives and a common is probably your spouse... u have a physical relationship as well as an emotional relationship... besides parents age and pass away, siblings get married and drift away, friends after all have their own lives.. children grow up & lead their own lives.. so I think its important to forge a bond with your spouse that transcends the reality of living... I guess it is not easy - in most marriages we have partners trying to win a battle loosing sight of the war - they are proabably negotiated nightmares .....
      others are in which one party gives up - in many its the female ( in some its the male) living an inanimate life resigned to your fate.... and a few marriages where the partners really care - they understand that living is caring and feeling - and it is more about giving than taking ... I guess those few can be qualified as contended relationships .....

      Certainly blood bonds rarely dissipate and contrary TO ABCD America's dont Give a damn attitude abt aging parents is a clarion call
      to reasses our values .... - the occasional Fathers's day's /mother's day gift does not cut it .... the funny thing in less than 30 yrs we are on the receiving end as parents .... my how we forget these minor details in our impetous youth .....