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B.A. or M.A.

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    B.A. or M.A.

    What is behind the degrees? Prestige, a measure of IQ, wisdom........

    Reminds me of a joke:

    One guy used to walk to work and always noticed one guy's house with a name plate: A. Beg B.A.

    After about six months, the guy notices that the name plate has been changed to: A. Beg M.A. So the guy thinks to himself that probably Mr. Beg got his masters degree now. So no problem.

    A year later, the name plate is changed again: A Beg B.A. Now this guy is all bewildered. So in an attempt to satisfy his curiosity, he knocks at Mr. Beg's door. When Mr. Beg opens the door, the guy asks, "Sir, I understand that your were a B.A. first and then got your M.A. degree from Lahore University. Understood. But, howcome, now you are a B.A. again?"

    Mr. Beg says, "Who said I have any degree from the Lahore University? First I was single so my name plate said A. Beg B.A. (Bachelor Again). Then I got married, so it said A. Beg M.A. (Married Again). Then I got divorced, therefore, I am A. Beg. B.A. (Bachelor Again)!"

    Now you know why my friend used to write PPMF after his name for Primary Pass Middle Fail.

    Now for a paindu anparH jat, I am looking for a degree behind my name. Please help. Meharbaani howegi agar ih Punjabi wich howE.

    Rab Rakha

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    yeh a degree is a matter of of the standards, set by the society to determine one's social status....but not necessarily a measure of one's knowledge.


      PCAR = Punjabi ChhaRha Africa Returned


      PS: It was nice to read about your trip... and also life story about your friend Kaka on my Sat Siri Akal to Kaka Gill.... and tell him to keep going...



        how about P.P = Paindoo Production!

        sounds pretty prestigious...isn't


          I like PP. But there is still some Angrezi content there piarE KK. May be it can stand for Paindu Prinda or something. Shukria janab.

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            PhD = Phirra hu'a Dimagh
            MBa = Married But available
            MBBS = Mian, Biwi, Bacha samayth

            Can't remember where I heard these but they stuck.