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    i have a question, i was browsing through all the web pages here at and i found this page about the model yasmeen ghauri (spelling) and it said the only woman pakistan is proud of.
    i went 2 her page saw her pics and she looks liek a slut in those pics, every1 says these americans have no shame but wut about her????????

    pakistan is an islamic nation right?
    so how cud we be proud of a girl who has no shame and parda wut so ever!!!

    i thnkn we should be ashamed of her!!

    and i know someone will say this i am not jealous of her i dont not need to look like no damn slut and expose my self like dat!!

    plz clear this situation up 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh yeah and all those paki movies actors and actresses they r no less then her either!!!!!!!

    offdachain sis.......I totally agree with you. We Pakistanis shudn't be proud of sluts like her. But the sad thing is that most of so-called Muslims in Pakistan don't realize what their religion is all about and goes on to promote such crap. Yes. This is hypocrisey for sure.
    This concludes that Pakistan is not an Islamic Nation but a so-called Islamic Nation.


      offdachain ji

      Yes ur right ....i have too seen that site .....
      ok so being a model is not bad......if done within the limits......however some of these new ones are taking off to extremes and proceeding to vulgarity......

      that is not right......
      we have had models in pakistan who have been glamerous, beautiful, enchanting and do it all within the limits.......

      we dont need models like Amber and Anita Ayub



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          that true that yasmeen ghauri is showing to much of her......But she is not truely pakistani girl. If i am right, she is half german and pakistani. We should be happy that there no pure blood pakistani girl who is doing vulgarity modelling.

          pe proud of being pakistani



            I agree with you offdachain ji...

            Aur to aur.... yeh saari actresses interview main kehti hain Allah nay bari izzat di hai, Allah ki meherbani hai


              Dee Dee (urdu translation = Baji??)

              Good one....



                You guys are getting all worked up for no reason Yasmeen Ghauri is NOT a Pakistani.Her father was a Pakistani..however her Mother is German and Ghauri was born in she's a Canadian citizen. She's never been to Pakistan and doesent consider herself to be a Pakistani.

                Believe In Angels.



                  Yasmeen ghauri is pretty..............
                  Since her actions seem to infuriate all you fine ppl so much , maybe its worth to reestablish some definitions..
                  How would you define SHAME as a phenomenon..where have we acquired it from ? How does it work for the betterment of mankind?
                  Is having more shame better? and less shame bad?
                  And what does being a Slut mean? Is it WRONG for some one who is physically gifted to apply those attributes to achieve her goals...Is it different in principle then an athelete using his skills to earn money..
                  We hear the word Judgmental and Intolerant
                  ,,What do these terms mean?, and how are they applicable in the above assessment of Miss Ghauri.


                    Ji nahien IMRANZ!!!
                    main kisi ki baji nahien hoon
                    Angrezi wala DD.




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                        Thank you nova...i was getting ready to ask the same question.

                        What exactly makes her a slut?

                        also..if she decides to why couldn't she identify her heritage as pakistani?


                          oaky i did realize da i should not hae used da word slut bcuz that title defines actions physically done, but my major question wuz n=ot whether she is a pki or or my concern is dat if she isnt paki why should we be proud of her???
                          but thnx u all u helped me out c da thng wuz dat i wuz goin through those pages at school and my frnd who is aguy wuz siting by me and he started questioning me on da reason i dont wear revealing stuf cuz its considered a shame but she is considered pride.

                          i wuz embarresed b cuz of her nad sat wuz bothering me but thnx 4 ur help!!


                            Dear offdachain:
                            I do agree with you on your ideas but these are the Ideas of people who wants to stick with their own roots.

                            Yasmeen Ghouri is a Mentor for those who think that their own roots are nothing but a piece of carp. These peopel call it grown up culture.

                            I am really surperised the mental level of the following theme
                            "IF an athelet can make money using his skills then why can not a woman make money using her body"

                            After reading this statement, I am thrilled by the Intellectual level of these culturally and mentally grown up people.

                            Tomorrow we might see an other statement saying like this

                            "If an athelets can make money because of his skills then why can not a woman/men make money by selling his/her body"

                            After that all these people would be the honorable guests on day time talk shows proving the highly grown up people of a highly grown up society.


                              You seem offended, That wasnt the purpose of my post.
                              Personal growth requires for us to question the accepted norms, some of which are just acquired without ever thinking about them.
                              It would be helpful ,if you could comment on the questions I raised....
                              1- What is shame?
                              2-what makes a woman a slut?
                              3-what do thhe terms judgement and tolerance mean?
                              If you havnt thought about these issues, and had an acquired understanding that worked for you so far , that is fine too, but you need to say it like that...
                              In the end who knows what is right or wrong , we only strive to know more..