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    Well folks i am sure all of u have come across the term abcd...i have often usually on mirc though i prefer icq much better ..however this is me on mirc chatting minding my own business ...when a paki guy looks up my profile and sees oooooooo a desi chick living abroad i am sure i will get something out of her....then he sends me a pm and says "hello dear wanna c......."
    or there are these other types who have female nicks and try to make a fool out of u and when i reply them equally with a remark that they deserve i am at once regarded as a "abcd"..... how do these ppl classify a person to be an abcd.......i wonder ...
    well if i wouldnt have known better i would have gone bananas listening to "ur an abcd" "ur an abcd"
    ..i think they are "pbpc" get it pak born pak confused...what do they think that if a person lives abroad is raised aabroad they dont have any morals ....
    what do u guyz think>>>>>>>>...


    in those instances, you are merely a victim of generalization. It's human tendency to group people with similar physical or other demographics and then have a good/bad perception about them. Examples are numerous... e.g. Foreign kids specifically Asians carry the perception of being very good in Math/Science in US. Obviously that doesn't imply that all of them have that attribute.

    On personal note, I have realized that guys who are borned here (meaning West)take that ABCD term very seriously..... U can get back to those PBCD by referring to them as "FOB". Now does that FOB makes me mad??? Not at all... althought I think Freshness of that title has lost its touch for being here for a decade...

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      what really ticks me this "CONFUSED" part...helloo...does it look like we're confused???

      Some Pakistanis living in Pakistan..assume that we Pakistanis living in the western world don't have a clue about n e thing related to our culture...our religion...or annoyin!! ur mindz ppl!!!!!!
      22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


        Deeerij Baba Deerij...

        Itna Ghussay mein aaney ki kia zarooorat hai??

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          I've never had this problem, where someone thought my morals were loose because I was born in Canada. Personally I'v found if you are a good person and talk to people in a decent and respectful way, you shouldn't have too many problems with generalizations.

          If you're on mIRC I find the best thing to do is not talk to people who come off as rude or idiotic. My little tricks are these:

          1. Don't respond to anyone who asks you a/s/l
          2. Put anyone who sends you a lewd comment on ignore
          3. If someone starts talking with a salam or something kind then chances are they are probably decent
          4. You can do a /whois and check for any retarded channels.. don't talk to someone on #sex

          Well these are some of the things I do... and when I'm on mIRC I usually don't end up having someone upset me. Hope that is of some help.

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            I think we Paki's feel a certain resentment towards the Desi's born here. Deep down it is that jealousy one feels for those who have it made. While we arrive in desperate financial situations the American born are sailing through high school and prom nights.
            It is this jealousy I beleive that leads us to our cruel attitude towards American Born Desis.



              stud ji ur right maybe thats the problem and yacoob ji thankss for ur tips
              oooooooooo did i tell u i hate it when someone asks me a/s/l now whats with that
              hinna ji cool down i understand ur anger i feel the same way



                So there are certain assumptions made by the labels we choose to identify ourselves and others with. Yes, we abcds were considered more liberal, though I'm beginning to hear that abcds are a tad more religious than dessis living elsewhere.

                I like labels because they give a simple explanation of where you/I am coming from…but that is not my final decisions on anyone's personality.

                But why is it so important what other people initially think? Can't we use our own personality and actions to show them that we are different?

                If they can't be bothered to overcome their own prejudices…..then it is their loss.


                  i belive that was rude again
                  altough i did n't want to be
                  any way
                  here it goes
                  delete delete delete
                  any way my point is still al most the
                  have fun
                  GO PAKISTAN GO

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                    Baat kahan se shuru hui aur pohanch kahan gayee. Amazing.
                    I think dear lady nadia was referring to her resentment towards the ABCD stuff and just mentioned IRC. And by the end of the thread, the topic had drifted towards the freaks and moronz on IRC. Why don't u guyz stick to the original topic???
                    And BTW shezi sahib, maybe u shud respect females a bit more. Using that kinda language isn't gonna get u anywhere except maybe ...... Never mind. And really good 4 u that u can check everything bout the person u r chatting wid. Don't ppl have anything better to do than discussing who they talked wid on IRC? Hahahahaha. God!!!! GET A LIFE EVERYONE WHO DOES THIS.
                    And as for the girlz, try controlling ur temper once in a while. It's good for ur health.


                      shezi bhai i dont expect to get angry over discussions cause i think they are healthy and ur entitled to state ur comments and the way u feel but u must remember
                      "UR FREEDOM ENDS WHERE MY NOSE BEGINS"
                      so stop using such language as its not going to be tolerated and have u ever stopped to think that whatever u think and make out of the person ur chatting to on mirc that same person is thinking the same way about u and also making fun of u and ur comments with their friends
                      just ponder on it for a while and maybe u will realize that u havent yet come out of ur toddler stage behaviour where the toddlers believe that the world only and only revolves around them the rest assured are all nobodys


                        salams n stuff,

                        readin all tis bout ABCD stuff and answering to the question if you are abcd or not

                        I would say.. for callin someone abcd is just a term used for someone who have been living here for a while and who understand thigns bout here.
                        Where as somene being FOB is just ppl who goto get "good old pakistan" into teir converstation. speacially" ager main pakistan main hota toe......." etc..
                        I guess there aint nothing here to be jealous about over FOBBY or ABCD thingi. its 2 diff kinda ppl excepting 2 diff kinda culture.

                        The worse case of ABCD is someone who doesnt know eastern values and living a western values mixing it up with the MUST_DO things imposed by the parents "speacially the hijab stuff for chics" these are ppl who r as u said " CONFUSED".
                        and worse case of FOBBY is the nice smell of
                        spice comin from the thick jacket in the month of june .

                        w-salams n stuff

                        Send all Flames to MOI!


                          What is this all about??
                          what is this abcd stuff. i dont get.

                          khuda hafiz


                            SHAMAS JI
                            abcd is american born confused desi
                            now care to comment????????


                              Thanks, nadia21

                              But at the same you are claming that "abcd" is only for USA!

                              What about this: "abcd" = australian born confused desi, african born confused desi!!??
                              Well i must say that i am agree about those contributors that so long you raised in true spirit of islam and culture FROM you PARENTS!! then you are not confused desi. Does I look like a confused desi?? come on wake up you guys. Let me tell you a story a truse story from my childhood. I went to another country with my mammo family by car. I knew i was in "my own country" (sorry that i did not name the country name, because i want to be anonym, sorry), but when my mammo said, "shammas look we are in another country now!". Then i said "where is the red mark which i usually see in my mapbook?". "I thought i was still in my own country" i said. You see what i am trying to tell you! The point is what is ment by "abroad" and own desi country??? That is very important I think. You see it doesnt matter where you are born, you are anyway born in same planet, so what is really matter is how you are raised up to and what kind of morals you trained up to. So i think that "confused" should be cut off!

                              the knowlegde is more sharper than a laserknife.