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    Hi, hello, salams n stuff,

    The question is
    Why do you need to get married?
    Why cant you live a life with some girl or guy without the marriage thingi in between?

    { SORRY and May GOD HELP YOU!! for all the married people! }

    Interesting....very very Interesting


      well brother and sisters in Islam,you know it very well that it is haram in islam religion,without marriage you will live with someone,have kids,they all be najaiz child,known to be _______ know what,so I believe this answers your question..BUT for argument sake if anyone to what i am trying to explain...he or she is not a true muslim....
      allah hafiz




        Mr or Miss PeerSIMMS: your post is Disgusting, very very disgusting and idiotic.
        that is the best answer I have in my pockets for people like you


          Dilse - You know, nothing personal, but I would really like to think that religion has nothing to do with (at least) marriage.
          And as far as the term 'true muslim' is concerned, it is pretty much vague and unclear anyway.

          The basic concept of marriage is to form a 'social contract' among two people, and this entails familial responsibilties and all the crap that comes with it. Two people can still abide by familial responsibilities without signing that 'Nikahnama', if they choose to. So let's not be judgemental on how much 'true muslims' people are. Because religion is their personal matter as much as it is yours. Their life, their descision, their crap


            salams n stuff,

            first of all its Mr SIMMS to you!
            second of all my peer sahib once said.

            Zindagi kiya hey kitaboon ko hata ker deikho

            this is a question of wot would u prefer. folowing someone that islam or any other religion says is ' blind faith"
            wot is Jaiz and wots najaiz who makes the call for it ?

            and for mahnoor: I know i bring upinteresting topics. Topics that make u say Hmmmmmmmm

            w-salams n stuff,
            Jai Peeri



              Yup..very interesting Im gonna keep out of this one for a while..lets see what the others have to say )

              Believe In Angels.



                I agree with Roman.

                Marriage in almost all cases is a social contract. It is just to make things easier, to file combined tax returns, to get health coverage of one's kids and spouse. The actual contract of living together is bound with a lot "stronger" bond than a piece of paper or a few words in front of a priest. It is a commitment to one another without really ever thinking about the piece of paper that they signed.

                To answer you, Mr Simms, you don't need that piece of paper to live with someone. In fact, in Scandinavian countries, half of couple who live together are not married.

                But you cant beat all that "hala gula" of "Shadi Biya, and Walima" stuff that go with it. I think, most people in Pakistan get married for "Salami".



                  Scandinavian countries was a pretty poor example to choose to make your point. You can work it out yourself why that is the case. Let's just say the TV over there is quite "liberal". A bit like you.


                  I hope you get hit by a truck some day. And your mom on hearing the news shrugs her shoulders and says

                  "That's probability for you."


                    Ok guys..i think there is absolutely nothing wrong with simm's question....If u chose not to agree with him...then its fine but it doesn't mean that you start passing him odd remarks. (I think I have written this statement a hundred of times but oh well...we desies love to point fingers don't we... )

                    Simms as for your question goes I guess there is nothing wrong with living with a girl cuz I'm assuming that they r humans too.

                    Roman as for your statement about true muslim goes...I'm sure if I ask you the definition of a muslim u won't have to think very much which states that it is pretty "clear"

                    NyAhmadi Desi marries for Salami ha ha! good one



                      NYAhmadi - Marrying for 'Salami' is really a good one

                      BoSS - You are right, if asked, I will come up a difinition of a 'Muslim' without thinking much but the point is would everyone will agree with that definition? I think not. That's one of the reasons that there are so many sects within our religion and everybody belonging to these different sects calls himself/herself a 'Muslim', even though having some very fundamental differences in practices and belief system. 'Gets pretty confusing, you know

                      My intention of writing what I wrote was not to taunt the religion itself, but rather to point out that religion is a subjective matter and what level of religious influence (if at all) individuals take into their personal lives is upto them, we should not judge them based on that


                        Okay, I'm in one of those moods..

                        What is it with people that simply cannot stand to face an opinion that contradicts with their own? (Reference: msaqibj)

                        Why don't such folks simply present the logic that they believe is appropriate rather than name-calling and making insulting statements against the one person that has decided to express his/her opinion? (Reference: msaqibj)

                        Having said all this I recall another thread where referenced member stated that there are not enough "arguments" going on in Gup Shup. And that he prefers to be involved in mud-slinging. How intellectual! Now that makes complete and utter sense. It explains why he is unable to compete in a discussion where logic and standard rules of debate are used.

                        Oh well, I guess we needs all kinds don't we?

                        [This message has been edited by Muzna (edited June 01, 1999).]


                          Peersimms ji
                          there is nothing wrong about ur topic
                          u are entitled to state ur views and those who say idiotict things about u then i guess they arent matuare enough in their minds to look at life from all corners.......

                          Marriage and Religion are two very different things ......ppl marry for there reasons .....and if u dont wanna marry then its fine ......but if u look rationally at the situation then u might see that if u love a person enough to have kids with them then u probably wont mind marrying them too.....

                          however the answer to ur question is i guess thats the way society goes.......first marry then have kids......



                            so what is the intrinisic worth of a piece of paper called the nikanama..... - quite possibly worthless....

                            marriage is a civil contract ( even in Islam) that stipulates the terms and conditions of a domestic relationship. It establishes responsiblity and accountability for your actions nothing more nothing else.....
                            And its power lies not with some judicial authority but with your underlying value system....

                            coz if u dont wanna live upto your commitments - no power on the planet can force you to do so .... the world is full of deadbeat spouses.....

                            Many ppl ignore marriage altogether and live together in harmony.... others inspite of being married have little regard for the contract or the spouse .......

                            So in the end it does not matter.... if u are willing to take responsiblity for your actions - in which case signing a piece of paper is a mere formality .... unless the intent was not to fulfill those responsibilities that come along with relationships.... then perhaps it s a big deal that piece of paper .... and even then many ignore it anyway after signing that piece of paper ......

                            So the question is not what society thinks but what you feel is the right thing ......
                            DOing the right thing often feels like a salmon swimming upstream but atleast u respect the person that u see in the mirror every morning ..... ))))


                              ROMAN well I dont think it has nothing to do with is a very big part of religion.I dont know how good muslim you are,but let me ask you one question...can you bring a girl to your house and tell your parents that i am going to keep this girl in the house after few years i will marry her and in the meantime i will have kids think your parents will allow you to do this..i dont think so..because you are talking thing which is out of muslim society religion etc...I have seen lot of hindu doing this ,but even they dont do it in there country...outside india..if they do it in there country..the people calls her RAHKIL(keep) or in other word prostitute....grow up ROMAN and have some common sense...this is how you are respected in religion,dont even think of doing what you are talking because GOD will never forgive people who does this type of thing.