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    So it means

    1) So it means if ? Ata has complained anything about me
    2) tu mujhey apni safai aik aur thread kholna paray ga .

    Aur agar koi is baat ko mana karay
    3) tu us ko bhi aik aur thread kholan paray ga

    aur agar meri koi side lay
    4) tu us ko bhi aik thread kholna paray ga

    aur agar koi ata ki side lay
    5) tu us ko bhi aik aur thread kholan paray ga

    aur agar koi moderator apnay bayan ki wazahat karna chahay
    6) tu us ko bhi aik aur thread kholan paray ga

    aur aap ko agar sub ko sumjhana paray
    7) tu us ko bhi aik aur nia thread kholan paray ga.

    Kuch theek nahi lag rahi yeh baat, aub aap say kiya chupaon mera tu koi saath bhi nahi de sakta warna
    8) tu us ko bhi aik aur thread kholan paray ga,

    aur agar aap warn karain and koi protest karay
    9) tu us ko bhi aik aur thread kholan paray ga.

    Sumujh mein nahi ata kiya hoga
    10) tu us per bhi aik aur thread kholan paray ga (waisay khool tu mein nay diya hay)

    P.S. 10 thread have been created so far for just one reason, I am just wondering what if we have 10 reasons generated per day

    Actually the same idea I had in ma mind, which you had just implimented here for feedback forum, that only the starter who has any problem can post or reply!
    I was about to say the same, wow great mind thinks alike

    This forum is NOT for complaining about other members or specific threads/posts. We have a PM facility for that. In near future, if someone does that, instead of a polite answer he or she is likely to see the thread disappear. This forum is also NOT about taking sides on issues.

    This forum gives all members an opportunity to propose suggestions, or identify issues and then it is for the forum mods and admin to decide on that or provide a solution. We are not running popularity polls or referendums here on all feedback which is posted.

    In addition, as the Admin suggestion in the other post, why don't you wait for the complete set of guidelines before jumping the gun here?
    "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.


      Accha Yaar magar is mein ghussa honay wali kiya baat hay? Aik sawal hi to poocha tha aur waisay bhi Sabah ka kehna hay koi sawal silly nahi hota.

      Peace :soldier: