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    Current Affairs

    I see there are so many topics being presented either in the world forum or in Pakistan Forum or in the even in general forum, which basically talks about current affairs. So why not we should have a forum with the same name "Current Affairs" where members can post latest news pertaining to any topic. For example the news about space shuttle...Amir Khan's new date...bombing at PSO office in Karachi

    What's the purpose of this forum then?

    1) To make other guppies aware of latest and shocking news.
    2) Instead of browsing 10 different website for information why not stick to one website and one page.

    Just a thought...What do you think?

    That will become a pot-purri of diverse topics. Plus, we will have to move stuff out after they are no longer 'current'. Thats not a very efficient way of functioning as a discussion board.

    Instead what we have are focussed sections which concentrate on topics pertaining to specifc areas .. just as an example, all political news stories about Pakistan-related topics are in 'Pakistan Affairs', news stories from around the world are in 'World Affairs', and news on show-business in 'Shor Sharaba'. This means that those who are interested in these sections can check them out for all breaking news and current affairs. These forums also serve as archives for all present and past discussions, so you can search them for previous discussions, which will become problematic if we have a separate Current Affairs section and then topical archives.

    Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.
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