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How do you block someone from sending you PMs...

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    How do you block someone from sending you PMs...


    I have done the unfortunate mistake of replying to lostsoul's PM...

    I will not post the matter here, but it will hurt and pain many Muslims to the point of rage...

    He is now sending me PMs to which I have no desire to reply...He is a faithless child of some very miserable parents...

    Anyways, please...Is there any way to block him from the screen? From my GS experience altogether...?

    What he wrote in one thread to me actually warrants a ban, but I know...Apnon pay sitam auron pai karam...

    I am all for letting people with the most insulting of tones to ask any question they wish or be in a discussion for knowledge...But any ignorant insult that seeks to rile others, should be dealt with harshly...


    Can I block someone?
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    Re: How do you block someone from sending you PMs...

    can we have the details? i am really bored right now.
    - I swear to drunk I am not God :-/


      Re: How do you block someone from sending you PMs...

      To stop receiving PM's from someone, you need to put them on your Ignore list. To add someone to your Ignore List, go to your 'User Control Panel' and make a selection from the menu on your left. Its shown below

      Add the nick to the Ignore List, one at a time.

      Hope that answers the question.

      And now, to avoid unnecessary debate on the issue, lets close this thread. If you need additional help on the technical issue, please contact Gizzy. If you need to report an objectionable post or any other matter, please contact Admin or ehsan.
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