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Inappropriate Jokes

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    Inappropriate Jokes

    In the jokes forum, I have noticed that people have been posting Jokes that are almost rated R, let alone rated G. I would like to request all the guppies to please keep this forum family friendly and would like to ask the moderators to please keep an eye on this forum as well, since I think a lot of these jokes are going unnoticed.

    Jokes has been one of my favorite forums and one that I visit most often. I also used to feel comfortable refering other people to this forum, but with these PG-13/R rated jokes being posted, it certainly is not very comforting to know that your kids/younger siblings might be seeing the same content.

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    Re: Inappropriate Jokes

    Moderators try their best to keep it clean. Please help them by reporting all inappropriate jokes via PM. Don't forget to include links.
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