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Budhay BaBa G....

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    Budhay BaBa G....

    Like millions others my thread was also removed from general "the joys of Peshawar"
    sabaI cant contact the mods... always have , but cant do it all the time...Thank you

    Baba GI cant find it my self , so Please do ur job ....

    All Admin Khuda kay wastay (for Gods sake) please let a person know that his/her thread is removed .. for all I care u can give my name to the CIA, FBI, or hold me liable in the UN court , but PLease Please!!! let a person know that there thread is removed (without any explanation).
    I love you too.

    You thread was moved for a review and will not be returned to the forum due to it's unsuitable content.

    You're always welcome to PM the moderators or ask in the Feedback forum about thread removals.
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