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a close eye on sanju baba courtesy of my field research

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    a close eye on sanju baba courtesy of my field research

    assalamolaikum: jhanda:

    brought to you by my mehnaat, no help gained yepeeeeeeeeeeee>>>>

    Birthday - : 29th July 1960
    Address: 58, Pali Hill, Bandra (W),
    Mumbai- 50

    His life reads like a Jackie Collins novel! It has all the ingredients of a fast paced thriller. Drug abuse! Guns!! Lust!!! Love!!!! He has seen it all and done it all! Sanjay Dutt, the only son of two of the most famous Indian film personalities Nargis and Sunil Dutt, led a life of a King. He was pampered to the hilt not only by doting parents but also sisters Namrata and Priya. They were at his beck and call all the time - to cater to his every whim and fancy. Sanjay Dutt was a below average student in school. He wasn’t as passionate about books as he was about guns. He gave up studies even before he passed out from school and decided to make a career in films. With a superstar father and mother, it was without doubt that if at all Sanjay Dutt had to make a career in the movies, he had to be cast as a hero. But no producer was willing to stake moolah on him.

    Sunil Dutt had no choice but to launch him under their banner and thus Rocky was born. Tina Munim was his heroine in the film. And it wasn’t unusual for a hero and heroine to bond with each other especially when they were coming together for the first time. And that is what happened between Sanjay Dutt and Tina Munim too. They fell in love! Rocky fared average at the box-office; enabling Sanjay to keep afloat. But not for long! Except for Vidhaata, his other subsequent releases bombed badly at the box-office! Worse his relationship with Tina Munim hit the rocks. With no producers willing to bet on him and a heart broken like the shards of glass, Sanjay had little choice but to be in company of friends who soon got him hooked on to drugs. Initially it was just a friend’s home Sanjay "frequently" visited.

    Soon it was his bathroom! He locked himself in the toilet for hours on end. Not willing to believe that something was wrong, mother Nargis initially thought it as a phase every child goes through when the bathroom becomes his favorite den. But once when she happened to see her son lying unconscious on the bathroom floor, she immediately summoned in for the doctor. And the family soon learnt the bitter truth! The apple of their eye had turned a drug addict. From then on Nargis never let him out sight. So much so that she even got the bathroom latches removed lest Sanjay lock himself in the toilet again.

    Sanjay was flown down to a rehabilitation center in the United States. With the aid of experts Sanjay broke out of the habit successfully. He returned back home all and new. Hardly had the family rejoiced over Sanjay successful recovery that the family was struck by another tragedy. Nargis had been hit by Cancer. The doctors had given up hopes. It was this incident that inspired Sunil Dutt to make Dard Ka Rishta. The film was based on the repercussions of cancer and its effects on near and dear ones. Though the film had a positive climax sadly the climax in real life was tragic. Nargis died a quiet death at Breach Candy hospital.

    Her death changed Sanjay Dutt as a person. He began to take life seriously. And abstained from doing things that would put his family into trouble.

    Naam, the film that was literally declared as his come back vehicle was released and declared a hit. Things began looking up once again for Sanju baba as he was lovingly called. It was during this time that he met Richa Sharma. Richa had flown down to India from the US to try her luck in films. Her debut film Hum Naujawan though a flop, fetched her several films. Sanjay wanted to settle down and Richa was more than willing to give up her already sinking career for him. Sanjay and Richa soon got married. Within a year the couple became proud parents to a baby girl whom they named Trishala. With a family to look forward to and a career going great guns Sanjay Dutt now lead a picture perfect life. Not for long yet again. Richa who preferred to stay with her parents in the United States most of the time suffered from brain tumour. Sanjay Dutt’s tight shooting schedules prevented him from making frequent visits to US.

    In a year he’d visit Richa and Trishala only for a month and that too when Trishala had her school vacations. The whole affair took a bitter turn when Richa’s younger sister lashed out about Sanjay Dutt to the press. “He is not bothered about his wife at all. It is we who are bearing all the expensive medical expense of Richa, while Sanjay hasn’t even offered us any financial help. Even when he flies down here, he is more interested in meeting Trishala and not Richa and parks himself at a hotel and not our home,” she said. The harsh interview compelled Sanjay to withdraw into a shell. Distance here didn’t make the heart grow fonder but only sparked off indifference. Sanjay by this time had found that someone special whom he could share his pains with. And she was actress and his favourite co-star Madhuri Dixit. Divorced papers were filed in New York.

    Sanjay Dutt wanted the custody of his child but Richa’s sister made claims otherwise. About this time Saajan released and was declared a hit. The affair between Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit shown in the film happened in real life too. The lovebirds who had worked together in Ilaka and Kanoon Apna Apna were now all set to tie the knot till…March 12 1993. Several bomb blasts rocked the city of Mumbai. It was the handiwork of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Vital clues and an AK-47 confiscated from his Bandra residence, led the police to believe that actor and star Sanjay Dutt was one of the accused.

    Sanjay Dutt who was shooting in Mauritius for one of his films was summoned to return to Mumbai immediately. And the time he landed at the Mumbai Airport he was transported to Central Jail for questioning just like the way one saw in the movies. Actor, politician and father Sunil Dutt played his role to the T and did what any other father would do in this case. “Nobody is above the law of the nation. If my son has committed the crime he shall be punished,” he said. Sanjay Dutt was imprisoned for three years. The shootings of films that Sanjay Dutt had already shot for came to a stand still making the producers suffer heavy losses, while producers who had signed him to do their films began looking for a replacement. True friends stood by him while some turned their backs to him. And Madhuri Dixit was one of them. She decided to cut herself from him. Paying a visit to meet in the jail could be termed as too far fetched a thought, she did not even bother to make a courtesy call. Extremely disillusioned and disdained by her cold behaviour Sanjay Dutt’s sister Priya advised Sanjay the thought of marrying Madhuri. “This was not expected of her,” Priya later told the press.

    Sanjay Dutt was released after three years of rigorous imprisonment. And in the three years Sanjay Dutt had learnt many lessons of life. He also learnt who were his true friends.. Luckily for Sanjay there was a friend who had stood by him silently encouraging him to continue to look to the positive side of life. And she was model Rhea Pillai. Mahurats of films having him in the lead were announced once again. The arclights were switched on once again. The camera rolled. The spot boy dabbed his with make up. Sanjay Dutt was back to the studios picking up the threads of his life. Except that the verdict in the bomb blasts case is not yet out. Sanjay Dutt has to visit the court every Monday. If he has to travel abroad he has to seek the permission of the High Court. He has been granted permission to travel to the US to meet his daughter though.

    Sanjay Dutt got married to Rhea on 14th Feb 1998. Rhea actively pursued her workshop holding discourses on the Art of Living while Sanjay Dutt set to create foothold in the film industry once again. And with good friends like Mahesh Manjrekar and Smita Thackeray to beckon him and films like Vaastav and Haseena Maan Jayegi to substantiate his talent Sanjay Dutt was back in contention, now for the topmost ranks in Bollywood. Given the immense following he has developed, along with his body, one is sure that he never has to look back any time. Guess even Eastman colour pales in comparison to the colorful life that Sanjay Dutt has had.

    what a topsy turvey life, eh ah wel all is well that ends well, he is great i love him and i respect his contribution to hindi cinema, viva sanjay dutt