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hallelujah, no cheezy lines to speak of. Kahanian is da best

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    hallelujah, no cheezy lines to speak of. Kahanian is da best

    Finally man, finally. I was fed up with these non-orginal characters who're trying to be cute by giving these dumb and annoying facial expression and on top of that so god damn cheezy lines. And this isn't only the Pakistani dramas, indian god damn movies are so full of cheezy lines and over acting.

    Finally after Behlawa Prime aired a decent play. Orginal characters who're busy with their daily lives are played so beautifully and flawlessly that it's this easy to adapt to them. All of the relationships between the characters are orignal and life like. Not for an instant you feel like characters are delivering cheap dialogues. Be it the relationship between the three friends or mother and daughter or older women with a younger guy.

    Sania and Sameena were flawless in their mother daughter realtionship and ditto for Humanyun and Yasir Nawaz.
    The best scene for me was when Yasir finds out that his best buddy is going out with his mother inlaw to be. He was like, "oyi sarey sheher mein tujhey sirf mere hi saas mili thi, sharm niehien ayi tuhey" lol humanyun, "nehien ayi bhai, kiya ker lay ga tu". Yasir, "mein tujhey apna suser manney say inkar karta hoon" and he's like "tu mein tujhey apna damad manney se inkar karta hoon"

    I dunno about you but that was the best scene i have ever come across in a long while.


    Haven't you posted this already in the Kahaniya thread?
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