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Yeh Mazah: video Shoot Photos! (merged)

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    Yeh Mazah: video Shoot Photos! (merged)

    anybody is having a lyrix of this song?
    surely wanna c...
    plz do post it!
    thnx in advance....

    there you go bro!

    Maza Zindagi Ka
    Yeh Mazaa Zindagi Ka
    Aye na roz roz
    Yeh samaa hai khushi ka
    Aye na roz roz

    Zinda dil dosto
    Chalo agey barho
    Duniya tumhari hai
    Jaan ki yeh baazi hai

    Zinda dil dosto
    Chalo agey barho
    Yeh moqaa thaam lo
    Yeh lamha roaq lo!

    Jeevan ik mail hai
    Do pal ka khel hai
    Hum to sub khilari hain
    Fankaar ya anari hain
    Kabhi jeetna, kabhi haarna
    Par baazi sey na darna

    Jaago dosto, jaago humrahio
    Kinaarey ki talaash mein
    Samandar mein hum sub saath hain
    Kabhi doobna, kabhi ternaa
    Par lehron say na darna

    (Words & Music by Salman Ahmad)

    Vocals: Ali Azmat & Salman Ahmad
    Guitars & Keyboards: Salman Ahmad
    Bass Guitars: Brian OConnell
    Drums: Jay Dittamo
    Tablas & Dholaks: Ashiq Ali Mir


      ^thanx AliBeta
      its a very cool song


        thnx yaar...


          no problem guys!

          Anything for fellow Junoonis!

          Junoon represent! Everytime!


            Yeh Mazah: video Shoot Photos!

            The 'yeh mazah' Video was shot in Karachi on the 26th and 27th. This video is to be released on the 6th of febuary on all major networks right in time for the cricket world cup.

            Here are some snaps from the video shoot. Courtesy of another die hard Junooni Kulsoom from Karachi...

            Thanks Kulsoom! I am glad that you got to meet the guys and also that you enjoyed your experience!

            May the Junoon be with you!


            Marina Khan made a specail guest appearance for the video


            Lol! Salman bhayee with lots of make up and looking like count dracula


            Ali, with the Junoon security incharge


            A view from the pavillion of NAtional stadium Karachi



            A fan very excited to meet Ali


            A view of the grand set being made for the video shoot



              Another view from the pavillion


              The performance!


              Marina Khan hitting Salman bhayee with a wicket?!


              Last photo!

              hope you guys enjoyed it!

              Junoon zindabaad!



                Wish I have been there....

                So did any guppies made it to the shooting???


                  I dont know about the idiot who merged this thread! Could anyone tell me what the lyrics have to do with the video shoot.

                  My post about Salman Ahmad's message has more to do with the photo shoot than this post!

                  Patah nahi kiss kiss ko mod bana diya hay!


                    yo just wondering.....why is he wearing sunglasses at night in pitch dark???


                      thanks ali bhai... for the inside scoop as always... looking forward to the video!



                        You are itching again. We don't need a million threads about the same song, hence they were merged. Be a good lad now.
                        Save Pakistan.


                          Originally posted by ~Sehar~:
                          We don't need a million threads about the same song, hence they were merged.
                          Right on! I like your style


                            Are you guppies of Junoon or u just act like this


                              YEs I am ' 'itching again because of the fact, if you wanted to merge this, you should have merge it with my own post! It was more appropriate.

                              The video shoot has more to do with the photos of the shoot than the lyrics of the song! Agar aap zehen parr zore daalna pasand karain.. Mohtarma Sehar Sahiba!

                              And for closing the other thread. Please kindly keep your comments to yourself ok! I wasnt talking to you! I was joking with Hskhan and I wrote that in my post clearly. Before closing threads Zara posts parh bhi liya karro! Patah hay aap ko threads main ( especailly mine ) taang araanay kaa buhut shoke hay!

                              Originally posted by ~Sehar~:

                              You are itching again. We don't need a million threads about the same song, hence they were merged. Be a good lad now.