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Hollywood's - GIRL POWER :D

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    Hollywood's - GIRL POWER :D

    And here we are discussing the greatest ladies who have conquered HOLLYWOOD with their magnetism and yet beauty with style

    - Angelina Jolie - Tomb Raider, Original Sin, Wanted, Salt and so many more
    - Marilyn Monroe
    - Elizabeth Taylor - Cleopatra- Sigourney Weaver - Alien fame
    - Sharon Stone - Basic Instinct
    - Julia Roberts - Pretty Woman
    - Meryl Streep
    - Halle Berry
    - Sandra Bullock

    still more to come
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    Re: Hollywood's - GIRL POWER

    Kate Beckinsale - The Underworld movies

    Milla Jovovich - Resident Evil movies
    Aada Ganja...Poora Khabis...
    Nawaz Sharif...Shahbaz Sharif :D