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    Don 2

    Was made to watch this yesterday at Albion Theaters. Some thoughts and observations.
    • Mission Impossible / Oceans 11 12 13
    • There is a team but really there's no teamwork required. Shahrukh Khan is Inspector Effin Gadget. He can make Zeus look like a toddler. He has everything planned down to the wire. He can predict when someone will change their mind about something and someone.
    • Incorrect placement of English phrases at totally out of place situations is so en vogue in Bollywood. Still, Bollywood should consider hiring a cultural reference consultant, someone who has passed class 3 english, to help appropriately showcase their love affair with the English language while at the same time hide their utter lack of knowledge of correct usage of said language. For example (out of many), when inspector Roma frisks the Grand Nawab of Zurich Hazrat Pir Shah Rukh Khan he looks at her and goes "Kinky..... ". Dude, seriously?
    • We also learn that in Zurich when you open ventilation ducts in a building there is never a trace of dust or dirt or grime. Everything is so pristine. So pavitr. And it stays like that always.
    • Water in the sewers too is so clean, so pure, so blue you can open any manhole, dunk your head in and start drinking away. Yes, Switzerland is that saaf shaffaf. They have water treatment plants but those are mainly for show. Water here gets cleaned right at the toilet bowl.
    • Police in Zurich has no balls. No arms no legs and no eyes. Woh to chawwal hain na cholay bech rahay hain. They just stand around and watch Shahrukh Khan run around like Sonic the Hedgehog. They put their full faith and trust in a guy who just minutes ago was escaping a bank robbery but has now decided to co-operate. Every now and then Janaab Hazrat Shahrukh Khan gets a boner and breaks into romantic dialogue with inspector Roma, while on their way to rescue hostages. Rest of the SWAT team waits patiently for them to get done and even hold the door open for them.
    • Interpol has only four field officers in all of Switzerland. Three of them are Indians. The head of Interpol too is Indian. A stapler is more aware of its surroundings than him. Om Puri you let me down man.
    • While Vardhaan, the not so clever bad guy, delivers his look-at-me-i'm-the-shiznit dialogues, hostages in the back calmly carry on conversations without a hint of concern on their faces. Boman Irani, you let me down too man.
    • This is Switzerland. A country full to its tush with BMWs, Audis and Mercedes-Benzs. Yet the biggest and brightest gangster / con man / smooth as baby butt ladies man / martial artist to grace this planet drives a Hyundai. Interpol agents too prefer a Hyundai. Hyundais wreak havoc on the streets of Zurich while beamers and mercs stand by and watch with their tails between their legs.
    • We just love white actors in our movies. Who cares about bad as sin dialogue delivery and timing. Pizza dipped in milk that's fifteen years old is more pleasing to the senses than watching these actors.

    There's a lot more. But for now i'm able to only regurgitate this much from the stampede of torturous emotions i experienced watching this 'production'. The last time i went to see an Indian movie in theaters was about five years ago. Prior to that was ten years ago. You can see a pattern developing here.

    PS: To be fair to Don 2, the above applies to 99% of all movies churned out by Bollywood.
    Yaad aaiy jo dard ki raat may, jis ki baat ho apni har baat may.

    Re: Don 2

    ohh and dude, don't forget that Interpol is pretty daft when it comes to tracking people.


    When trying to find the Bank exec who accompanied SRK in the car, they're hell bent on figuring out who exited the car and getting a sketch of him from a witness - arey bhai, go to the conceirge/valet who opened the door to the car and let him in!


    Like I said, this movie tried too hard! esp. the whole "planned" exit and re-entry was extremely stretched out and unnecessary.
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      hahahaha excellent review Chee


        Please don't read this
        Yaad aaiy jo dard ki raat may, jis ki baat ho apni har baat may.


          What an analysis
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