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Shehzad Roy & Strings Fan club!

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    Shehzad Roy & Strings Fan club!

    I just love his work!!! he is one of very few singers ... who actually geniunely make songs for Pakistan!
    love his recent song ... KIA DERTA HAI! ... the awareness he is raising in youth is just amazing!

    we need ppl like him! ... he does lots of charity for kids who are deprived of education!
    his zindagi trust opened up many schools for underprivileged kids!

    djuice has strived to help the youth of Pakistan raise their voice to boycott apathy and remove any barriers towards a better future. In order to re ignite t...

    Love this song!!
    "In order to re ignite the same fervor djuice in collaboration with Shahzad Roy has come up with an anthem called Kya Derta Hai. So dont be afraid of anyone or anything and strive for a better tomorrow because you yourself are the beacon of success."

    Strings!! ... wht can we say! they are just awesome! you guys must hav heard their recent song "Mein tu dekhunga" .. the lyrics are mindblowing! It was Faisal Kapadia who wrote the lyrics!

    both Strings and Shehzad Roy performed at Imran Khans rally!

    share some of your favs of Strings and Shehzad Roy!

    Re: Shehzad Roy & Strings Fan club! Strings performing at Imran Khan's Rally Shehzad Roy performance at the rally!