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    to all you Pakki Drama fans out there...
    who's your favorite actor/actress?

    i have many...
    actors: Rahat Kazmi ("Dhoop Kinare")
    Adnan Siddiqui ("Uroosa",
    "Pal do Pal", "Samudar hai
    Darmiyan", "Samudar jag raha
    hai", "Siyah Sufaid", etc)
    Noman Ejaz ("Yeh Zindagi",
    "Eindhan", etc)

    Actresses: Marina Khan ("Tanhaiyah",
    "Dhoop Kinare", "Khali Haath",
    "Kohar", "Padosi", "Tumse
    Kehna Tha")
    Mishi Khan ("Uroosa", "Itni Si Baat", "Jang", "Samudar Hai
    Darmiyan", etc.)
    Nadia Khan ("Pal do Pal",

    favorite dramas: so many, can't choose!
    i mostly like family dramas.

    U lul like a real fan, smile,

    Well, I do see Pakistani dramas but very selected. Firstly, don't get those many here in Toronto, also tend to be choosy amongst the ones I wanna see. However, if you ask me about favourites, I will most definitely remember the ones I saw in my childhood, like
    Ankahi (I think thats the first PTV drama I remember watching).
    Samundar (can't ever get bored of this one!)
    Waris (superb piece of work)
    Dhoop Kinarey
    and a little later...
    Sunehrey din

    hmmm... lately,
    Yeh Zindagi
    Dhoop mei(n) sawann

    Favourite actor :
    Abid Ali (something charismatic, at least used to be in Samundar especially),
    Shabbir Jaan,
    Numan Ejaz (Ilzaam and a few older ones)
    Actresses :
    yes, Marina Khan( in a whole bunch of'em)
    Maria Wasti (or was it Laila Wasti?? always confuse the two!).


    For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


      Smile jee'

      Kiyoon "Dhoop Kinare" aur "Tanhaiyaan" yaad karaa deen!! - Rahat Kazmi say rishta......
      Any way, abhee abhee tow milay hain, wo kissa phir sahee!!!!


        Top of Pops

        there are many more but i like these three most and some new ones(not so new!) too like:

        4)Chand garahn
        6)Sunehray din
        7)and a very latest Alpha Bravo Charlie

        favourite actress offcourse the one in both 1 and 2 i.e
        Shahnaz shiekh
        and Marina khan also

        favourite actor hmmm..
        Shafi muhammed and Rahat kazmi


          Hello again Smile jee,

          Haan aik naam yaad ayaa - "Nangay paaon" - must see if you haven't already and Bazooka jee's list is great too!


            those are all great dramas!
            Rubiya Nur ji, yes i saw "nagey paon" it was great. that was before Babar Ali started his film career, those were the days.. i remember his drama "Shee ji" it was great.
            "waris" yes, i'd have to say that's one of the best ever made.
            well, keep watching and keep me posted on new releases. i heard there's a new drama currently running in PK, "Shaiban" with Adnan Siddiqui and it's a saas-bahu type drama. i can't wait until it comes here...


              Uffo!! Smile jee,


              Aap kay saat dostee bohot mahengee parh rahee hai - jab bhee studies shuroo karti hoon, seriously of course! aap kuch naa kuch yaad dilaa daytay hain! Shee Jee tow intnee baar dekhi hoon kay the guys who rents it out to me thinks I should buy it from him, actually I should!
              BABAR ALI........ Kis nay kahaa thaa unsay movies may jaanay - now I miss him terribly and Pakistani movies tow yaahaan miltee naheen hain. By the way, may be you can tell me if and where I could get Pak movies on video???
              By the way, "Megh Malhar" - I don't think I am pronouncing the name correctly, is a good one too. And my other heart throb Kidwahee, can't think of his first name!



                Hi smile ji,
                I think u r a great fan of Paki dramas.Hmmmm

                Khair,my fav ones r;

                And my fav actress is only Nadia Khan


                  Rubiya Nur ji... sorry i didn't mean to disturb your studies!
                  ah, yes, Babar Ali jab se movies mein aane laga hai, uski surat nazar nahi aati b/c yahan Pakki movies nahi milti. i've tried all over edison & jersey city (in nj) to find Pakki movies, but no one has them. they say it's indian movies and Pakki dramas that are popular. though if you do want to see one of his movies, i have one on tape. i can't think of the name right now. it came out in 96, and was a big hit in Pakistan. i saw it there and bought myself a copy. it's really good. if you want i can send it to you. sorry, mujhe abhi naam nahi uss movie ka yaad aa raha. it was directed by Syed Noor and Babar Ali won an award for it...
                  anyway, let me know if you want it...
                  other than that, i have no Pakki movie and i don't know where to find them.

                  Samreen ji... yep Nadia Khan is great!

                  Bazooka ji... i watched Dhuwaan. it was good but very sad. mujhe "happy ever after" wale dramas zaida pasand hain.

                  well everyone keep watching...

                  Rubiya Nur... GOOD LUCK ON EXAMS!


                    Hello Smile jee,

                    May tow keh too hoon, dost hoan tow aisay, warnaa they should go jump off the cliff!!!

                    I think it is a EXTREMELY sweet gesture on your part to want to share your video!!
                    Aap tow mujhay jaantay bhee nahee?? and.....
                    That's it - hum donoa best friends hain!! By the way, agar kabhee discussions kee josh may akay kuch ulta seedha boldoon, don't forget to stop me in my tracks!!!!


                      Rubiya Nurji... what a sweet message!
                      listen, it's only a video yaar. aur phir dosti kissi tarah tho karni hai na!
                      theek hai, i don't know you. lekin... you know what they say. "fate brings you strangers it's up to you to turn them into friends." ab dosti karni na karni humhare baas mein hai. and i think we should be friends!
                      theek hai, i'll stop you IF you ever get off the right track!
                      sorry i took so long to reply. kaal kaam pe gayee hui thi. i was at work from 10am to 8pm.. 10hours!!! and i was too tired to log on after that...
                      anyway... GOOD LUCK STUDYING FOR EXAMS!
                      aur bata dena kaha video bheju.
                      here's my email adder: [email protected]
                      cute huh?


                        Hello Smile jee,

                        Toooooooooons of THANKS!!!!!!

                        Talk to you later!!!


                          I didn't use to watch much Paki dramas, but now I really do. I never miss any one of them.

                          My favorite dramas are;
                          1) Ankahi

                          2) Aanch

                          3) Tanhaiyan

                          4) Dhoop Kinare

                          5) Uroosa

                          6) Sunehre Din

                          7) Tum se kehna thaa!

                          8) Dasht

                          9) Doosra Aasmaan

                          10) Dastak aur darvaaze

                          11) Alpha Bravo Chalie

                          12) & the latest Rehne do

                          My fav, actors are Marina Khan, Raahat Kazmi, Shafi Muhammad, Asad, Rubeena Ashraf, and a lot of others. I don't that any one can beat Paki dramas. Wha do u think?

                          <a href="">


                            Dhund kay uss paar ....

                            of Faiza hasan, is/was my favourite long drama. Rest, most of them I dont even know about them. I have seen unkahee, Dhoop kinaray and Tanhayyaan. Most of them were on cassettes, but Dhoop Kinaray I saw on telly because I used to live in Pakistan those days.


                              Amriki Lahoria ji... great selection of dramas! i haven't seen Rehne Do, yet. i'll get around to it probably next week. what's it about? is it a family drama or is it more political? and you're right, nothing beats Pakki dramas! the stories are unforgettable.

                              Najim ji... you're way behind, you should watch some of the newer dramas. my current favorite is "Aashiyana". it's great.