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Scenes (Songs) We Love: "Shipping Up to Boston" from 'The Departed'

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    Scenes (Songs) We Love: "Shipping Up to Boston" from 'The Departed'

    Martin Scorsese has a way of taking a song and making it such an integral part of what you are watching that from that moment on, the tune will forever belong to his film. In the past it has happened to me with Layla and Goodfellas, The House of The Rising Son and Casino, and it happened to today's selection for Scenes (Songs) We Love, Shipping Up to Boston from his 2006 crime drama, The Departed. An adaptation of the Hong Kong film, Infernal Affairs, it was responsible for earning Scorsese his first directing Oscar. Though some critics grumbled that it was one of his 'lesser' efforts and that the Oscar win was only to appease a long running oversight, I don't think anyone can deny it's a spectacular movie.

    Boston was the creation of Celtic-Punk band, The Dropkick Murphys, and it's a rollicking song that makes you picture drunken bar brawls along a darkened wharf. The band was born out of Quincy, Massachusutes in the mid 90's and thanks to the song's inclusion in the Oscar winning film, it became one of their most popular songs. The song was the soundtrack to Billy Costigan's (Leonardo DiCaprio) transformation from 'Statie' cop to Boston thug, and is yet another example of how Scorsese is unmatched when it comes to pairing music with a visual.

    There is a great quote I came across a long time ago that goes something along the lines of: "I like my music loud enough to drown out my singing", and I couldn't agree more. My favorite kinds of songs are the ones that sound better at full blast -- and this is definitely a song that deserves to have the volume turned way up.

    After the jump: "What's a lace curtain motherf***er like you doing in the Staties?"...

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