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Can 'Ong Bak 3' Bring Thai Action Cinema to the Masses?

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    Can 'Ong Bak 3' Bring Thai Action Cinema to the Masses? Kong has been the go-to place for martial arts cinema for years. There's a good reason for that, considering the rich history created by the likes of The Shaw Bros., Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li. China isn't the only country with fantastic fight films, though -- Thailand has made major contributions to the genre in recent years, led primarily by the one-man army Tony Jaa.

    Jaa first blipped onto our radar back in 2003, with the debut of Ong Bak. After a disappointing second installment (the story's a mess, the fight scenes are breathtaking), Jaa is back with Ong Bak 3 -- can this film get the series back on track and finally hip American audiences to the awesome action films coming out Thailand? If the new trailer is any indication, the answer to both questions is yes.

    The new clip features Jaa and a freaky looking Dan Chupong squaring off in mortal combat. There are no English subtitles in this first full-length trailer, but luckily the language of bone-crunching body blows is one that's not governed by borders. The actor once again ups the ante when it comes to stunts and I shudder to think at what the outtake reel for this one will look like. After watching this trailer, you just know lots of guys got hurt making the film.

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