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Insert Caption: Transylmania

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    Insert Caption: Transylmania

    Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that's always wondered why vampires don't carry any nasty diseases with all the blood they drink. Last week we asked you to churn out some pirated captions for a photo from the new film Pirate Radio (in theaters now). Congrats go out to our three winners for broadcasting their unique sense of humor across these fabulous internets. 1. "Everyone thought it would be a great idea if he changed his name to Phillip Claus Hoffman. They knew it was time to stop drinking..." -- John R.

    2. "The chances of two of them showing up with the same hairstyle was one thing, but all three? That called for another round." -- Charles P.

    3. "It took a while to decorate, but it was all worth it when he got them drunk enough to believe it was Christmas." -- Ben M.

    See full image and all captions

    This week we're celebrating an upcoming vampire spoof comedy called Transylmania (in theaters December 4th), which follows a group of college kids who decide to do a semester abroad in Romania (who wants to go to school in Romania?), and learn that if strange eclectic food won't kill them, a hungry group of vampires will. The blood suckers behind our three favorite captions this week will limp away with one Transylmania hat, one Transylmania button and one Transylmania mini poster. Sound off below ... and try not to, um, suck.

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