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Loosening Up More Uptight Women w/ 'Leap Year'

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    Loosening Up More Uptight Women w/ 'Leap Year' started the whole cliche where an uptight American woman hits Ireland and finds out how to loosen up by a sexy, foreign man? There's something in the water over there in Hollywood's version of the country that makes every bloody romantic comedy feature this premise. It's not as bad as something like The Ugly Truth, that's for sure, but it pretty darned blatant.

    Following in the footsteps of Matchmaker, P.S. I Love You, and other romantic fare, MSN has debuted a trailer for Leap Year (check it out after the jump), the film where Matthew Goode gets to recover from the trauma of losing his new wife to a female florist (Imagine Me and You), and steal a desperate Amy Adams from the likes of Adam Scott. Now granted, she is on her way to Dublin and meets the man in Wales, but they're still heading to the land of shamrocks.

    I guess there's just a strong Irish gene that burrows deep within a man and lets him see when a self-absorbed foreign woman will be the girl of his dreams, allowing him to be the romantic savior showing her untapped inner potential and true romance and security. But why, exactly, is Anand Tucker -- who brought us Hilary and Jackie, Shopgirl, And When Did You Last See Your Father?, and Red Riding: 1983 -- directing this schlock?

    Check it out, if you dare, after the jump, and beware: it shows a lot. Then again, this does look like a typical romcom, so we already know how it turns out, right?

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