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James Franco's on 'General Hospital' Because of a New Film?

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    James Franco's on 'General Hospital' Because of a New Film? how James Franco shocked everyone last month with news that he was going to spend a number of weeks on the ABC soap opera General Hospital? Well, it seems to be a little more than just a random urge. Movieline had their suspicions about Franco's reasoning and spoke to Carter, who has collaborated with the actor on a number of projects from photo shoots to idiosyncratic filmmaking.

    According to Carter: "It was an idea that I posted to him, and it's tied to another film that he and I are working on now." It's a "feature film that's gonna be pretty abstract, for a larger audience," and when asked about whether he's had input on Franco's involvement with the show: "Well, that's actually stuff that's really unfolding now, because we're shooting it. Hmm, what can I say? Again, it's a fine line between a job that James is doing at General Hospital that's a very serious thing..." "General Hospital -- or a soap opera in general -- is part of the film we're working on, but it's not a giant part of the narrative. It's not going to affect the way the film turns out to be." Beyond grabbing a handful of elusively vague answers about what this upcoming film will be, the interview delves into their artistic relationship and past collaborations.

    So there you have it -- this was all for a film project that's not quite discernible at the present time. For now, hit the jump and check out a sneak preview of Franco's soap opera action. ...And yet another terrible use of Gary Jules' Mad World.

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