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Eva Mendes on Nudity: "I Go For It"

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    Eva Mendes on Nudity: "I Go For It"! Displaying a positive attitude that should warm the heart of any moviegoer who loves the female form, Eva Mendes declares: "If I feel it's appropriate to show some nudity in the scenes then I go for it." She told Fox News: "As much as I use my sexuality, I have never felt exploited. I feel like it's on my terms and I have no problem with it."

    Speaking as someone who first noticed Mendes when Ethan Hawke opened a door in Training Day to reveal her lying naked on a bed, I say: "I have no problem with it, either." The actress is promoting her appearance in Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, which opens later this month (and prompted our own Jeffrey D. Anderson to wonder if the remake was a good idea in the first place.) Mendes has been willing to bare portions of her body for several films, but it's not like she's leisurely walking around naked in any of them. Instead, they're more like brief flashes, tantalizing glimpses that are either frankly sexual (We Own the Night) or fanboy flirtatious (The Spirit, pictured).

    Mendes was open in talking about 'turning up the heat and turning up the sexuality' when appropriate, admitting that it's "no accident" that she appeared in an "amazing" Calvin Klein advertising campaign that caused American TV censors to tremble badly. I think it's refreshing to hear an actress admit that she uses all of her assets on her terms, rather than feeling ashamed or exploited. Good for her!
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