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Junoon in John Lennons "Peace Love and Truth"

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    Junoon in John Lennons "Peace Love and Truth"




    Hong Kong, May, 31, 2005: It started life, quite literally, as pie-in-the-sky stuff.

    In July, 2004, the Executive with a major music company and a talented young record producer were returning to Hong Kong from Tokyo.

    The conversation moved from the Beatles to John Lennon, world peace, politics, the magic and power of the Lennon song Imagine and a "What If?" moment: "What if we could Remix Give Peace A Chance that would keep John's original vocals with the addition of new verses sung by different artists from artists around Asia?" The more the two talked, the more that "What If?" became "Must Do"- a Must Do Remix of Give Peace A Chance and an album that introduced the music of Lennon to a new generation at a time when the world was in a state of turmoil.

    The Executive was Hans Ebert, Executive Director of EMI Music Southeast Asia and the Producer was Terry Lee, also leader and chief songwriter with Singapore-based act Parking Lot Pimp.

    What happened next was Ebert writing to Yoko Ono about his idea, and her lawyers replying that she'd like to hear what this might sound like. And so the work began.

    "The real hurdle behind Remixing this particular track was that the original was recorded 'live' in a hotel, there were no split parts, the rhythm was not steady and John had tuned his guitar in a very unique manner," explains Lee. "It came down to us having to filter out all extraneous sounds and adding a steady beat behind his verses and chorus. Tough to do, but not impossible."

    The next step was working long-distance to have artists record demos of their verses, each in their own languages- artists like Nominjin from Mongolia, Ronald Cheng from Hong Kong, Junoon from Pakistan, Shaan from India, Munir Syed from Arabia, Trisno Ishak from Malaysia, Jeremy Green from the Philippines, Vanessa Fernandez from Singapore, Alicia Pan from Taiwan and Lee himself. Together with John's vocals, they really WERE the world. And everyone concerned was on TOP of the world when Yoko Ono approved the demo and then the final mix.

    At the same time, Ebert was looking at the album that showed just what a man of Peace, John Lennon was and how the world still needed his music.

    "The world was going through a really tough time, just as it is today," says Ebert. ”The idea of featuring some of John's musical peace anthems and even some rare demos started to take shape with the Remix of Give Peace A Chance being the catalyst for everything."

    With considerable help from Mike Heatley, VP, Catalogue in the UK, what was assembled became "John Lennon: Peace, Love and Truth."

    Adds Ebert, "I have the utmost respect for Mike. He's a gentleman and a scholar and knows more about the music of the Beatles and John than anyone I know and so working with him was a natural. It was he who found the tracks - some extremely rare, liaised with Yoko's people on my behalf, came up with the track sequence, got me all the photos etc for the cover artwork and made it all happen.

    "With the world still in a mess, Asia slowly getting back on its feet after the tsunami disaster, the world could do with some of John Lennon's music again, music full of, yes, Peace, Love and, always, the Truth."

    Finally, two important words from Yoko that echo the thinking behind the music and words on this very special album: “Imagine Peace”.

    For further information, please contact:-

    Dee Chau

    Vice President, International Marketing

    EMI Music Southeast Asia

    Hong Kong


    About EMI Music:

    EMI is the world's largest independent music company, operating in 50 countries around the world. Its record labels include Angel, Astralwerks, Blue Note, Capitol, EMI, EMI Classics, Manhattan, Mute, Parlophone and Virgin

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    , Munir Syed from Arabia,
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    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


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      Fraudz, may be from Farabia