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    Sujal replacement found

    It's been the buzzzzzz for a long time. Rajeev Sujal Khandelwal is saying ta-ta to the show that has made him the hearthrob of millions of viewers the world over. But this time it is final. A fortnight from now a new face will be greeting viewers when they turn to their favourite show Kahiin To Hoga: that of Gurpreet Singh, a model they have probably seen in ads for Haywards, VIP Frenchie and Digjam. After a long search, Ekta Kapoor and Star Plus have zoomed in on Singh who they believe fits the bill. A final decision is to be taken tomorrow.

    Late yesterday, Singh did a testing scene with Rajeev's 'good friend' Aamna Shariff. Rajeev says "he has been asked to leave" because he constantly expressed differences of opinion, feeling that certain sequences in the script were not logical. It would be recalled that in November 2004, Rajeev himself wanted to walk out of the show, but according to sources, he was pacified and decided to stay back.

    Rajeev-Amna, TV's favourite jodi: will it be the same with Rajeev opting out
    The bloodshed scene is expected to be shot in the next four days..

    According to a unit source, "We got Gurpreet through a series of auditions. He has the right kind of look. He looks similar to Rajeev."

    Kapoor confirmed, "One final audition yet remains tomorrow. But yes, he is the chosen one. I have frozen on him."

    In fact, Singh met the out-going Rajeev on the sets today. The two exchanged pleasantries and Rajeev wished him good luck. .

    Says Rajeev, sounding unexpectedly chirpy, "I think the new guy has a lot of fire in his eyes. He will do a very good job and make the show rock." .

    When contacted, Gurpreet initially groped for words, but finally put it straight, "I am excited. It's a life time opportunity." The actor has also worked in Shivram Yadav's film 'Bhay' opposite Reshmi Ghosh. The film is 50 per cent ready. He says he will adjust the remaining portion of the film so that it doesn't clash with the Balaji assignment.

    Interestingly, Gurpreet has not seen Kahiin To Hoga. "I have not seen even one single episode. I have been very busy with modelling. But I promise that I will put my best put forward

    Does he look like Sujal? People will compare him quite a lot, for Sujal was a larger than life character. "I am aware of that. I hope I live up to expectations.".

    Singh will undergo a nose job, apparently to look similar to the out-going actor. "I don't know from where I'll have it done. But I think Balaji will be deciding that."

    Let's see how much hype the new Sujal can create. It's gonna be a helluva task, but you never know!
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