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Amir liaquat

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    Amir liaquat

    Amir liaquat passed away today in karachi.

    its very tragic and sad. What a waste of talent.

    I know that he belonged to a very good family. His father was a professor, very learned family.

    Btw his elder brother Imran Liaquat also had some mental challenges.
    Attitude is more important than facts.
    "Life is 10% what happens to us..and 90% of how we react to it"


      ^^^ Amir's Liaquat's brother has created his own religion in which he makes his followers prostrate to him...tauba tauba.

      PS: Had IK stayed PM for a little longer, IK would've created a religion of his own as well. No wonder his wife kept visiting mental institutions and took such keen interest in the facilities there while IK was the PM. She knew where IK was going to end up.


        Yet these people follow him without thinking properly that if he was divine then he'd be the most powerful being in the world, Pakistan would be a super power, there'd be no poverty in their lives (those who follow him), he wouldn't age, get ill or die.

        Why don't people think things through properly?

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          ALLAH magfirat farmaye bs amen