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Zarrar Official Teaser Trailer (2020) Nadeem Baig & Shaan Shahid

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    Zarrar Official Teaser Trailer (2020) Nadeem Baig & Shaan Shahid

    or go to this link

    ^^The link no longer works, looks like a good movie. Pakistan can make such amazing movies with original stories that even Hollywood couldn't match up to it. But we try to copy others instead. I heard a Pakistani producer once saying that Pakistani dramas became so awesome because we were not trying to copy anyone, until StarPlus.

    No one can do Bollywood better than Bollywood, similarly no one can do Hollywood better than Hollywood. Original Picasso costs $$$ but copy even if there is no discernable difference is cheap.

    I came across story of a PSF guy who was saved by PPP's Najeeb from MQM, then he was "helped" by Americans until he refused to work against Pakistan. Such an awesome movie could be made on it if we start paying attention.