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    recent remixes

    some of these recent remixes of old songs are amazing...

    1. mere naseeb mein tu hai ke nahin
    2. saiyan dil mein aane re
    3. aise na mujhe tum dekho seene se lagaloon ga
    4. zid na karo

    etc.... know of any others?


    jadu holi jayee laine mera naam


      ^ i havent heard of that one

      a few others

      - choti si umar mein lag gaya rog.. kethe hain laug mein marjayoon gi
      - kanta laga

      some of these have realllllly bad clips.. but the songs are great


        the one luc is talking abt is remix of noor jehan song done by zille huma..

        the one i really like is of don..and also kabhi kabhi mere dil main..tthough its not a recent one


          my recent visit to Pakistan I heard:

          Don's remix by Dj Aqeel.

          Check it out


            I have all the latest remixes.... a friend of mine works in a video shop where they sell all da latest cd's so i i borrow >burn> save...if u need em let me know
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              inhi logo ne cheen liye dupata mera
              i heard few linez of it few monthz back it waz good.....if n-e 1 got thiz song so plz post it
              ek khushi dil ne kia maang li
              meri har khushi ko nazar lag gyi


                its so hard to find a decent cd shop here which stocks all these songs... all the shops here are out in woop woop land..

                hey havent heard of the Don mix... how does that go? and havent heard the Pakeeza one either