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Ballay Ballay - Dr aur Billa

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    Ballay Ballay - Dr aur Billa

    Dr aur Billa, the Pakistani music band that comes out with these absolutely brilliant anti-love songs, with hilarious of my all time favorites since when in the 90's they came out with Mujh ko tum se naheen hae pyaar mein kya karoon...has done it again!

    The lyrics, and specially the video of their new song Ballay Ballay...Taada Chan Jeya Mukhra Sada Ban Gaya Dukhra is just hilarious...comic genius! Its too good, had me in fits of laughter literally.

    If you guys have seen it...the part where the nail gets stuck in the girl's sandal and then the guy tries to pull it out using pliers...but is unable to...and then he gets this whole team of guys to form a chain so they can pull it out...

    You guys have to watch this video!!!

    I absolutely love that song and video.
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      it's kinda sad that everyone has to resort to Punjabi songs to even make a blip on the radar these days... can we not have Urdu hits anymore?
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        oh and i do remember one of their interview taken for program VJ some 10/11 years back i guess, that was really hilarious. I remember one question

        Q: Aap nai apney group ka naam "Dr. Aur Billa" keyun rakha?

        A: (Jowad Bashir) keyun k "Componder aur Kutta" kuch acha nahi lagta tha
        Goyan keshk aqbat taskeen ast...Awal shor ast aqbat namkeen ast
        Har chanz aasiyat sang zeerey...Ee surat-e-beqrar barbin ast