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    24 hour Desi Radio Station

    24 hour Indian film songs and Bollywood items in Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma and Atlanta.


    Making Waves While the Sun Shines
    Interview by Shobana Muratee of Image India Magazine

    Imagine yourself standing on a slow revolving stage in a spacious hall. That's the feeling you get when you are within a ten feet radius of Rehan Siddiqi, President & CEO Asian Media World Wide, Inc. He can leave you dizzy with wonder as to who and what could have led to his phenominal success in the broadcasting media at a young age.
    Operated three major radio stations that he captured over the last three years, Rehan Siddiqi has become a household name in Dallas, from where he airs, round the clock, community radio programs on 1150 AM, 950 AM, 850 AM, popular as Desi Zone and 950 AM for South Asian listeners.

    Today, he has the monopoly on desi radio stations and has been enjoying this status since he first started in 1999.

    Since his Desi Masala days which he started in 2001, Rehan has come a long way. "Today, Dallas-Fort Worth is the first city in the world to have three stations dedicated to Desi programs 24 hours a day," said Rehan proudly. The annual turnover of these stations is about $1.1million in airtime. How does he achieve this? "Simple," he says "I understood, very early that short air time does not work. Listeners are not satisfied with one hour programs.

    When in Houston, he observed that one station aired 27 different programs, which completely diluted the element of entertainment. "It is diappointing when one does't get to hear desi programs whenever he wants. Instead, he has to wait for a particular time to get a little entertainment," he said. "I couldn't wait to change that concept," Rehan reason for success is his 24-hour, non-stop entertainment at all times, for all ages.

    Son of Najmi Siddiqi and late Kamal Siddiqi, originally from Pakistan, who held high positions in Pakistan International Airlines, Rehan was globe troting even before he earned to walk. During their twenty plus years of service with the airlines, the Siddiqis experienced extensive traveling and transfers. In England they lived for five years and in Singapore and UAE for about three years. Eventually, in the year 1993 they came to the United States of America, wich they decided to make their permanent home.

    All this time Rehan had been interacting with different people of diverse cultures and needs. His travels gave him a good insight into their behaviors and attitudes. "It was a first hand experience in understanding human psychology," he said in his interview with Image India News. "I learned to put this to my advantage during my marketing days."

    In the year 1995 Rehan's father passed away leaving a void in his life. Although the youngest of the three sons (Rizwan and Adnan, older brothers who are successful businessmen in Houston), Rehan wanted to fill in his fathers shoes and take up some serious responsibilites.

    Barely 16 years, he ventured out to buy his own radio station in Houston, Texas, which he did at $300 per hour and called it 'Rhythm 2000' for the South Asian Community. The program was a instant hit and radio became his addiction since. Soon he got his major break when Houston's 97.1 FM gave him four hours airtime. However, his turning point was when Paul Dennis of Houston offered him to start a 24/7 radio program on 910 AM in Dallas.

    Dealing with the complexities of a business has always been thrilling for Rehan. "I love challenges in everything I do. I surmount one and look out for another," he admitted, almost in a childlike manner.

    His overzealous nature sometimes prompted him to take up projects that proved disastrous. "I don't really consider them as failures but sound investment in experience," he said as if coming to terms with his setbacks. "My eagerness to always be one step ahead of everyone had taught me to push myself harder beyond human endeavor," he said. "I don't just set high goals I work toward them-sometimes twenty hours a day," he said with conviction.

    Without any formal training in radio broadcasting, Rehanwas able to run his radio stations mainly due to his passion for the media and life experience. Recently he received the prestigious Radio Marketing Program Certificate (RMP) from the Radio Bureau Agency, New York for his excellence in radio marketing.

    Absolutely ruthless when it comes to marketing his products (be it the airtime or the ad space of his recently released publication 'Diya'), Rehan has this to say about his marketing skills "I'm a natural to marketing. It is my second nature.

    What is important to me is maintaining the high quality of my products and programs."

    With a dedicated team of professionals, (70% of whom are of Indian origin) help him keep up the standards.

    There are some who think of him as a 'grabber', an opportunist. But for most Dallas residents, he is that loveable kid who grew up in their neighborhood. "I am truly grateful for the tremendous support of the people of my community who have helped me unconditionally," Rehan said, re-miniscing on his teenage days when he made his first attempt at marketing at the age of fourteen. "What really matters right now is that I remain focused and carry out the task as best as I can" Rehan said in his interview with Image India News.

    Besides being at the realm of the entertainment world in Dallas, the young business tycoon also involves himself in charitable activities like sponsoring community events, seminars, talks and workshops on topics like immigration, health and taxes. He volunteers to announce free events of the non-profit organizations on three of his his radio stations. He has special radio programs for the elderly who sometimes experience loneliness when their children have gone to work.

    Rich, young and single, this is what media mogul had say about his likes and dislikes, weakness and strength.

    Birth star: Gemini
    Place of Birth: Pakistan
    Type of girl: Simple and straightforward.
    Best asset: Ability to look young and old.
    What girls like about him: Sense of humor.
    Feels good in: Casuals.
    Best place on earth: Las Vegas.
    Favorite passtime: Photo shoots.
    Best Car: Mercedes/BMW (drives a S-500)
    Weakness: Very sensitive.
    Strength: Mother.
    Talent: Marketing.
    Best quality as a boss: Decentralize my work.
    Best quality as a friend: Trust.
    Best quality: Persistence.
    Passion: Broadcasting Media.
    Best strategy: Redundancy.
    Ambition: To go worldwide.

    Very conscious of what he says and does, Rehan likes to stay away from controversies if possible. Knowing well that being in the media, the risk is much greater than any other profession, he said, "My goal is to informand entertain the people, not indulge in petty politics. I leave that to others."

    A true people's person, Rehan believes in maintaining direct contact with all. Perhaps, that's one reason why his mobile phone rings so constantly.

    Assessing his past mistakes and learning from life experiences, Rehan says his future is very promising. "Everyday is blessing for me," he says. And as long as he airsthose scintilating desi programs, 24/7, it's a blessedday for the desis too!

    Rehan Siddiqi announced the launch For Houston and Atlanta starting February 1, 2004. Now you can hear AMW programming in Houston on 1050 KCHN Monday thru Friday and Atlanta WATB 1420 Monday thru Friday. Covering 4 Cities, this is the largest Asian Nationwide Radio Network, covering all major cities. By July 2004 Rehan has plans to expand this network to cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angles.

    For your suggestions you can reach Rehan Siddiqi directly at 972-877-1428 and email [email protected]