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a must read!

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    a must read!

    The title speaks for itself. Get the inside scoop right here.

    1. Did you know that there are 25 more Pakistani channels coming our way in less than 2 years?

    2. Did you know that Noori did their first 4 live shows in Karachi at Cafe M live?

    3. Did you know the black acoustic guitar that Ali Noori plays was gifted to him by Salman Ahmed of Junoon?

    4. Did you know that The M live Band has played over 30 concerts all over the United States when some of the members were living in Los Angeles?

    5. Did you know that there is a Pakistani actors vs Indian actors cricket match being scheduled for March in Dubai. Did we just hear a female shout Arjun Rampal?

    6. Did you know that Saqib Malik, the director for Fuzons Khamaaj is planning to make a movie for Pakistani cinema?

    7. Did you know that Wajahat Rauf from M live was the Sound Designer for the famous Telefilm Daira. Yes, this was the one based on the book Moth Smoke.

    8. Did you know that both Imik and Dino are ready with their albums which will be hitting the market very soon?

    9. Did you know that Ali Zafar used to paint portraits at the Lahore Pearl Continental as a hobby before he was a model / singer.

    10. Did you know that The M live Band played a concert with Penn Masala (the Indian-American accapella group) at the University of Southern California? Penn Masalas songs were featured in the movie American Desi.

    11. Did you know the guitar maestro Aamir Zaki gifted one of his guitars to Aarohs Farouk as appreciation for their music.

    hope it gives u alot of insight...

    i kno nowww
    Slightly Crazy and Plenty Lazy


      none of this is new to me

      joking man thanx for de info am looking forward to dat movie da maan's gonna make, and 25 more channels if they came on dish i'd buy it


        I knew # 9 already.. am I cool or what? (just kidding ) Thnx for sharing the rest... Haye mera ALI ZAFAR!!!
        *c h a m k e e l i * a n k h e i n*