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fox and the quran..

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    fox and the quran..

    So this is hearsay but im hoping people could confirm it. Fox news anchorperson *unknown lady* interviews this University of *unknown* professor who has recently included Quran in his syllabus. And she really goes on his case about "including the book of our enemies" and if "alqaeda wouldnt be happy now" and finally quitting when she forced the guy to equate it to studying mein kampf.

    apologies about the stars, it was a little too late in the morning to remember details.

    can someone confirm this, and tell me if this is the norm on fox? I dont have tele () and dont know what news channels in US look like these days..
    Din-e-Mullah fee sabeelillah fasad (Allama Iqbal)

    it happens a lot.. they'd bring in some dodo who can't fight back and then blast him with aggressive questions appearing to the viewer as if he/she doesn't have the right answers or the conclusions drawn are the right one.

    imaginative editing helps too..

    I could almost kick that Ibrahim Hooper (CAIR spokespeson) for being so 'doofusy' when he comes on Fox.. can't they get someone fiery and really intelligent who can stick it up the behind of the hosts?
    JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


      imaginative editing... i was told by the same friend that they always end the interview on a note that advocates their particular worldview.

      but isnt it politically incorrect to brand as evil a book all Muslims believe in as opposed to the 'extremists' the WOT is against?
      Din-e-Mullah fee sabeelillah fasad (Allama Iqbal)


        I think it's politically incorrect if a Mullah seeing what's going on against the Muslims of the world asks Muslims to rise to the challenge, then he is termed a person who hates other people...

        While whatever an American says is politically correct, because let's face it, what has become politically correct? It's simply if you have the danda to back up what you say, you are correct...
        Focus not on who you are but what you do...


          Fox news is an idiotic channel. half of it is opinion and not news, and the rest of it which is news is spun in such a way that it is completely biased, whether it is aganist democrats or europeans, or arabs or muslims, or wheover the foe-of-the-hour is.

          There are publications with that approach as well, here in US, in Uk, and even in Pakistan. Pick up jasaraat and you will see.

          idiots are idiots, whether they are of the american variety, Pkaistani variety, religious or non-religious.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            think there is an extent to which one can practice apne-gareban-mey-jhanko when there is such blinkering, relentless hypocricy on the other side with half the soul searching we seem to do whenever we come shamefaced upto the complaints department.

            jasarat isnt the biggest selling newspaper in pak., that would be the relatively more respectable Jang (yes?).

            fox is the most popular news channel in america. and fact that it practices such bigotry openly reflects standards of both the media and the media consumer here.
            Din-e-Mullah fee sabeelillah fasad (Allama Iqbal)