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    Project Rose

    I was looking for usage of rose petals and few guppies suggested me very interesting things.

    Few days back i went and bought some supplies and today i thought to use some creativity..and finally i used rose petals

    Here's few photographs that i wanted to share:

    *In the first photograph..i used a tiny small jar where you put spices..i filled it up with water, rose petals and potpourri


    *All you need is some wrapping cloth and potpourri and rose petals:


    * After making the potpourri..i place it in a ceramic bowl. I made this ceramic bowl while i was school as my first project in clay please don't mind its shape


    *This is just some rose petals and potpourri that i put on a leaf tray


    *In a clear bowl i used some water, rose petals and a white/silver sparkling floating candle



    End of collection..tata taa taan

    hamein to apno ne loota gheron mein kahan dam tha....mera scooter wajja wahaan jahaaN rashh kamm tha......


      bravo !! You're good. You actually went ahead and did all that. It looks awsome!
      said CareBear


        Gamma, i didn't get your comment *confused*

        CB, thanks


          ๑۩۞۩๑ Rude Boyz Rulez ๑۩۞۩๑
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            Qrius that's nice thanks for sharing the pictures.


              mashallah :love:

              Qrius baji u r the best


                Gamma one day you'll learn the majik of perfumery, until then zip it.

                Qrius, nice thread, an example of the possibilites of interaction in the image gallery. I like the idea of snap by snap 'projects', great stuff. Let me know when you get around to printing money

                And oh BTW gamma you been Kung Fu'd fool. -HKP.


                  potpourri kya hota ya hoti hai?

                  veri nice collection! very creative!
                  Junoon se Aur Ishq se Milti hai Aazaadi


                    Wow, you did it. Looks great.


                      very nice
                      "He will provide for you a light wherein you will walk, and will grant you forgiveness. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."
                      (Surah Al-Hadid)




                          Thanks SunnyBoy, wasim21, irem, Hong Kong Phooey, shahreen, mehroo, punjabi kuri I am glad you all liked it

                          Aap Hain, potpourri hota hay..its when you dry leaves, flowers, plants, herbs, wood etc. You keep them as air freshners can keep them in living rooms, bed rooms, washrooms or any place you decide


                            daas wonderful baji , darn i wish i wuzn't so lazy, i'd wana try these things too

                            so does it smell beeutiful??? i luv roses :love:
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                            and verily my iman is in my heart,
                            and verily my heart does not belong to anyone but Allah(swt).


                              Qrius bravo for trying out new stuff...makes me wanna get off my lazy bottom and do something creative too!
                              One of the greatest diseases is to be Nobody to Anybody