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    Colorful Cooties

    Remeber these?!

    I'm not being rude. You're just insignificant.
    Looking for fishes....<}}}><

    Reminds me of my bachpana.
    Chozay palnay ka maza hi kuch aur hay.

    Pyaar Bhi Zindagi Ki Tarah Hota Hay.
    Hur Mor Asan Nahin Hota, Hur Mor Pay Khushi Nahin Milti;
    Pur Jub Hum Zindagi Ka Saath Nahin Chortay To Pyaar Ka Saath Kyon Chorayn
    "maybe u weren't born to scale mountains, or stop wars, or draw a masterpiece. maybe ur purpose in life is greater than that, you'll touch a heart, make a friend, and give someone so much happiness, u'll feel like u've lived your life." -dewani teri


      i do

      and most of them died in the first week

      i was such a mean evil persony thing

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        Yea i remember ... those days..

        but all these choosas seem to be ill..
        i know from experience..

        besides life expectency of color choosa is less than the non colored choosa..

        Dont think "you can" know "you can"
        .::. ﷲ ﻼﺃ ﷲﺃ ﻶ .::.


          my lil brother had those .. unfortunately they didnt die !! maaannnn they bugged the hell out of us ... dono what their problem was cuz right at 2 in the mornin they would sstart that utterly munkyish call of theirs and wake the whole house hold ... but that didnt last for long .. .... i killed umm all...

          Rage against the munky's.........

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            I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
            - Robert McCloskey


              soche moche....

              Koi mujko bata sakta he, keh yeh itne colorful kaise hogae? I guess they dont use Poly color...magar phir kaise hoe itne colorful?

              **Ya Rab dil e muslim ko woh zinda tamanna de,
              Jo qalb ko garma de, jo roh ko tarpa de!**
              **Alama Iqbal**



                reminds me of someone!! *wink to someone*
                I Am Free of All Prejudices, I Hate Everyone Equally


                  I once had some, but I never touced them, just liked to watch them play, eat ....
                  Bless you.


                    Ah! So cute! lovely creatures. You brought back a lot of good ol' memories. Though i never had them (i was scared, honestly..thought they might bite me or something) but i still remember the sweet sound of the Choozay Wala crying... Choozay.....Murghi ke Choooozay! (as if he din't tell us ke yeh murghi ke hain to hum in ko haathi ka samajh lete!)

                    Destinee: Whoever you are reminded of doesn't seem this jovial! Yeh to khasay pach-rangay hain!

                    Kambakht Ishq!
                    Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.


                      Ah cute... a freakin cat all of my choozas... i had a lot of 'em


                        yeh mere choozay hian.. owaiiiinn...

                        main ne pakistan main 3 chickens khareedin thi.. aik saal pala on ko phir aik chat se neeche gir kar margayee... aik ko billi khaa gayee aur aik on ki yaad main ghuzar gayee..

                        aik pink thi, aik yellow, aur aik parrot green.

                        i wannt chicken....


                          poor chicks,,,, feel sorry for them


                            awwww itnay colorful choozay so cute...
                            maine bhe 2 choozay rakhay thay lekin aik ho bili kha gayee aur aik ne mujhe bara tang kia sara din ous ke pechay bagti thee leikin phir bhee. i miss my choozass

                            &lt;::~Is thaT all You got? ::~I'll Take youR best Shot~::&gt;


                              meray chooooooosaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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