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request jidha dil tut jai

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    request jidha dil tut jai

    looking for a song its from a old pakistani movie calle mera veer.. I can find the video on youtbe but I need a mp3 audio format pleas..da words are something:

    jidha dil tut jai, jidhi gal muk jai, jinoo choot lagay oh janay

    Im heartbroken des days not going good, it seems like a heart broken festive.. I was on train last nyt after work and dis lady proper cried on da train as she was on da fone telling her friend dat her guy has left her..If I was going through normal phase of life I wud hav found it strange but at that time I felt like crying wiv her..Sorry everyone baat kaha say kaha chali gai..Yeah but if someone upload da song dat be good..N please pray 4me as well..Many thanks..

    chech that out :-) - online file sharing and storage - download Jidda dil toot jaye jiddi gal muk jaye(Mera Veer)Naseem Begum.mp3
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      Re: request jidha dil tut jai

      i have given him the link already
      Us Ka Milna Hee Muqadar Main Na Tha Warna,
      Hum Ne Kya kuch Nahin Khoya USEY Paney K Liye

      LoV 0NlY HapP3N$ OnC3.. R$t 1$ Ju$t l!f.. :)