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Children of today

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    Children of today

    the children of today - the leaders of tomorrow

    After watching this, you might think he is a miracle child...

    Side Note: miracles - according to aceeda of muslims only happen to Prophets as a sign of Prophethood

    we should call it kiramah

    Anyway,,, people dismiss it as they say it is a special/miracle child

    however when you reproduce the results you know his father is on a winning formula that works... and here is his younger brother:

    and just to prove he is a normal kid - here is a clip of him making a joke and playing

    and his father on raising the child - the translation i feel is not good


    and there are many children like him and may Allah grant his father more inshAllah


    and e.g (in this example, the scholars ask recite the ayah beginning with so and so.. and she responds every time.. which ayah.. this ayah begins with it, and so does this and so does this and so does this)