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kiramah at site of burial of bali martyrs

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    kiramah at site of burial of bali martyrs

    posted for sake of news and information.

    make of it what you will.

    As what had been published by some national media such as, the phenomena of the arrival of three black birds over the residence of the shuhadas could also be seen clearly. The three birds were obviously not the Crows which many medias had reported, because they have long necks. They came naturally and started encircling above the house for about seven minutes, and then went away separately. Two black birds flew to the East, representing the acceptance of the Jihad deeds of Ustadz Mukhlas and Amrozi, and one black bird flew to the West, as an indicator of the martyrdom (shaheed) on the part of the 'Hacker Mujahid' Imam Samudera. The phenomena of the appearance of the three black birds temporarily made the atmosphere so moving, which was complemented by the shouts of takbir from the masses.
    The latest news which had just been received by one of the crews of, a few days ago, three days after the burial of Amrozi and Ustadz Mukhlas to be exact, the family of Hajjah Tariyem asked some people to look after the grave overnight. This was done in order to avoid any unlikely event from happening. Some of those involved in guarding the grave were Sumarno, Baror, Rosyidin, Mashudi and a few residents of the pondok (madrasa) Al Islam Tenggulun Lamongan. They mentioned of smelling sweet fragrant coming out from the grave. The same fragrance when they first opened the clothe covering the janaza of the shuhada. The fragrance was unlike the smell of a normal perfume commonly worn by the ordinary people.

    The evidence shown by Allah SWT through His Greatness is already clear. Though many are still denying, giving an ‘out of tune’ voice and attempting to form the opinion of the masses to disparage the status of the Bali Mujahids, in conjunction with pulling off tricks through their accomplices from the government apparatus, however Allah SWT planned something else. And who is the best of planners? Only those who do not want to see the truth would cover not just their eyes and ears but also their hearts from the truth.

    Good news is only for those who wish to receive it, the rest are as the above quote ended.