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Policies for Image Gallery and how to Upload images

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    Policies for Image Gallery and how to Upload images

    Image Galleries
    We all hope to make this place a friendly, fun-filled, enjoyable experience for everyone. To this end, we will like to have minimal interference by the administrators/moderators. We hope to implement a hands-off policy to keep the forum spontaneous and interesting.

    Having said that, we all realize that this website prides itself in developing a web-culture, rivalled by none. A culture of friendliness, warmth and fun. This means, the ideals and etiquettes of the participants in these forums should also reflect the best of our cherished culture and values.

    The facility of posting images provides our participants' a way to share their views and their thoughts; woven around images. These pictures may be your own, or borrowed off the net or of any other interesting subject.

    After careful consideration of the views expressed by our members we decided to formulate policies governing this forum, which, we hope, will make for consistency in standards, and will provide a homely, safe environment for our participants.


    1. While Image Upload is functioning, all images must be uploaded on Paklinks servers using the image upload tool. Posting external links to share pictures is discouraged, unless there are any exceptions. Exceptions can be made to this rule and each case will be handled on individual basis at the moderator(s)' discretion.

    2. When a picture is posted by a participant (especially personal pictures) no tempering/editing/modifying of the picture is allowed, without the prior permission of the participant. All the copyright rules are applicable. Any complaints by the participants will be dealt with swiftly. Perpetrators may be penalized with or without warning.

    3. No pornographic, immoral or gory pictures are allowed. We hope to implement a standard which reflects those implemented by reputed national publications in Pakistan. This means, for instance, that you are free to post the pictures of the movie stars of your dreams, but the picture should not be vulgar or immodest (keeping in mind that these pics should be appropriate enough to be seen by people of all ages). And yes, this applies to pictures of both males and females. The moderator(s) shall use their judgement in such cases, and any comments on our decisions should be forwarded to (any of) us via PM.

    4. The comments posted should be in good taste. Especially when you are commenting on the picture of a fellow participant.

    5. If you have 'borrowed' the picture from another archive, don't forget to provide credit to the original location/person.

    6. Pictures that offend any religion/sect/race are not allowed.

    7. This forum will be carefully monitored, however for any abuse or breach of these policies, or for any comments, please feel free to contact any of us. If you are not satisfied with our response or do not get a response within a reasonable period of time, please contact Admin via PM or email ([email protected]). You can also use the Feedback forum to provide your comments. We also encourage members to self-regulate the forum. If you notice any participant is crossing the limits, please point it out in the thread and let any of us know via PM.

    8. Just a reminder to everyone that once you post a picture, there's a 24-hour span in which you can edit/remove it. After that time, it will only be done through a moderator with a legitimate reason and will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.
    Threads become useless once a picture has been edited out, and the whole discussion becomes meaningless. To be fair to our members and to save them time and disappointment, this new rule has been set. Another purpose is to ensure that members think before they post.

    9. Any thread that contains no pictures with people in it will be moved to images 3. That includes threads that have pictures of only food, art, objects etc., or anything where the mods feel that the focus is not on people. For such threads, please utilize images 3 forum.


    The Administration, while doing its utmost to ensure a safe environment assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized use of pictures posted in this forum. This forum is a public domain. Please use your own best judgement, when posting pictures.

    We wish you to have a great, hangama-filled, mazaydaar time here. So keep your cameras rolling, and keep posting

    PM Moderators if you have any questions.

    Moderators - Image Galleries
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    How to upload images

    To upload from a URL click on the link in the above picture.

    Paste the link and click "submit"

    Then simply click the "copy" button and paste it in the Post you're trying to post the picture in.

    To upload a picture from your PC, click on the link in the picture above

    click on "select multiple files" button and browse to your images. You can select more then one image. after selecting them click on the "start uploading files" button shown in the next picture

    upload the files

    Again, after uploading simply press the "copy" button and paste the link in the post.

    To paste links in the posts, you can right click in the reply box and select "paste" option or press "ctrl+v".

    • File names should not have any space or your images will not show up. e.g "File name 1.jpg" will not work. To make it work you gotta rename the file to "Filename1.jpg"

    • jpg .gif .png .jpeg are the allowed file extentions for images
    • the picture we upload from URL has to end in an extention

      i.e should end in .jpg or .gif or .png
    Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny? - Surah Al-Rahman


      Re: How to upload images

      How to upload Image(s) - A Video tutorial

      Never explain urself to any1 The person who likes u doesn't need it &The person who dislike u won't believe it


        Re: Policies for Image Gallery

        How to upload Image(s) - A Video tutorial

        Never explain urself to any1 The person who likes u doesn't need it &The person who dislike u won't believe it