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    Watan Kahani

    One of my fav milli songs from my fav band. The band is no longeer together. They split up in 1999. Faakhir and Haroon Rasheed went solo.

    For those that didnt know:

    How did the band came together?

    It all started when our great guitar playing friend Asad was performing with Junoon in Islamabad. There he met Faakhir and Haroon and joined 'Awaz' in 1993.The band went on to release three highly successful albums and two singles between 1993 and 1999, which have collectively sold more than 2,000,000 units worldwide officially. "Awaz" was a big success.

    Awaz band took over the stage and performed a string of their energetic hits including Main Na Mano Haar, Jadoo Ka Chiragh, Mr. Fraudiay and Janey Kaun Thi Haseena. The crowd especially enjoyed Haroon Rasheed’s dance moves on those numbers.The band was considered as one of Pakistan’s top pop bands, and their music was an excellent example of fusion between east and west.

    Haroon and Faakhir, clashed in 1999 (eventually going their own ways as solo artists), and leaving the third Awaz, guitarist Asad Ahmed. Faakhir and Haroon are now successfully establishing themselves in their respective music careers as soloists.

    These dudes could rap too and are the first paki band to do primitive form of rap in their songs.

    Check this:
    Watan Kahani - Awaz
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