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Some of my favorite songs..

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    Some of my favorite songs..
    (Dire Straits -Brothers in arms)
    (pink floyd - high hopes)
    (pink floyd - Another brick in the wall)
    (Pink floyd - learning to fly)
    (Tarzan boy - Baltimora)
    (scorpions - no one like you)
    (Metallica - nothing else matters)
    (Out of touch - oats and hall)

    Reminder: If you dont like 80s music--the greatest era in music--then you are a -->FAG

    more to come...
    A man is like a wild orchid--free and exotic, and makes a great conversationalist and friend; but, when you pluck one and bring it home, it withers and dies. --dope

    Re: Some of my favorite songs..

    Man i totally forgot how much i used to love the song Tarzan Boy. Nothing beats 80s style base guitar and percussion.

    Captain Lota
    Kisee akeli shaam ki chup may, geet puraanay gaa kay dekho


      Re: Some of my favorite songs..

      people used to be so innocent.

      Now everyone is sex and drugs and money.
      "Lets not dwell into matters which have already been dealt with 1400 years ago. Go read for yourself, and understand it yourself." Sh. Hamza Yusuf


        Re: Some of my favorite songs..

        We Know...Pink floyd music is a direct ticket to enter the cool club...
        I love you too.


          Re: Some of my favorite songs..

          Since we are talking about 80...

          GnR - Sweet Child O'Mine.
          INXS - Baby Never Tear Us Apart.
          Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth.
          U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name.
          GnR - Patience.
          Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (from the motion picture Moonwalker).
          Cheap Trick - Don't be Cruel.


            Re: Some of my favorite songs..

            Oh my wooorddd ... I have been transported back in time!! cool Tarzan Boy that song was popular hey, which movie was it a soundtrack to?
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              Re: Some of my favorite songs..

              I lurrrrve 80s music. :rotato: However, there is no Depeche Mode or Duran Duran on your list.
              Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.