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[Tutorial] How to post pics and resize/retouch them

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    [Tutorial] How to post pics and resize/retouch them

    I see a lot of Guppies stumble upon a problem when posting images here. Mostly when they resize the pics they decrease the resolution too much leaving not much to see in the image. But It is very easy to post good quality pictures and still r

    Okay, I will be explaining a few things here about how to post images at GS galleries and to help them easily edit them so they are the right size and format:

    The steps I have planned are as follows:

    1.) How to resize large pictures

    2.) How to decrease the size of a picture

    3.) How to increase the quality of a picture (make it more appealing to the eye)

    4.) How to upload the pictures to Gupshup servers

    5.) How to edit/remove the picture if you decide to have it edited/removed after 24 hours :-P

    I will be using Irfanview, a small and free programme for image editing:

    Download it from here (if you don’t already have it):

    You can install Irfanview after downloading, then we are all set to post pictures at GS Image galleries with ease.

    Step 1.)

    A lot of times it is enough to open any image with Irfanview and simply save it, this will decrease the size of the image enough that it can be upload here using the upload tool.

    If this still doesn’t help and the image is still too large, then a few more steps can be taken to make the image smaller.

    Step 2.) Resize images:

    First we need to resize an image to an acceptable size [this is only needed ~~> Only if step 1 failed] unless you feel the pic is too large to post.

    We can use the resize/resample option for this purpose from the ‘Image’ menu in Irfanview:



    At the resize/resample menu you have several options to resize the images, easiest way is to use the percentage option.

    Just fill in any percentage below 100% (maybe 95 or 90) then save the resized picture, and see how much the image is decreased in size. You can see the size of the image at the bottom of the image in the status bar.

    Repeat step 2. till you have an image with the size just below 110kb disk size.

    A lot of times, pictures are not properly exposed, so they come out too dark or too light. Think of those pics taken with camera phones these days. Such images can be easily 'tweaked' using Irfanview and you can still share you pics here and no one will complain about them being too dark ;-)

    Step 3.) Enhance colours:

    Open any image in Irfanview:

    Then from the menu choose: ‘Enhance colors’



    - if an image is too dark, then increase the level of “gamma correction”

    - also increasing the “brightness” will make it more visible on the screen.

    - decrease the “contrast” level (in case of a dark image)

    - and increase the “saturation” level to make the colors more visible.

    (just play with these settings and decide when the image looks best in your eyesthen save)

    Step 4.) How to upload pictures:

    Click on the ‘upload’ link between the quicky links at the top of this page.


    Then press the ‘browse’ button an look for the image you want to post, and select that image. After that press ‘OK’ and hit the ‘UPLOAD NOW’ button.

    (your image will be uploaded on the GS server)

    Then you will see a link to thumbnail as it will appear on the page, select that link and copy (CONTROL+C) or (right click and ‘COPY’)

    Next you can paste the link in a thread (CONTROL+V) or right click and ‘PASTE’

    The last thing is the ‘EDIT’ button in every post, this button disappears after a period of 24 hours of posting any reply in any forum, so a lot of people are very reluctant to post a picture because they think, they won’t be able to remove it later on. But these is nothing to be worried about, anyone who wants to have the picture removed, then let the 3 mods of this forum (Gizzy, Desimunda and Care Bear) know, and the chances are high that one of us is online when someone is in need ;-)

    Note: One thing to keep in mind while posting images it not to have any s p a c e s in the file name, this can cause some problems when the image is uploaded.

    And the name should not be tooooooooo long.

    Happy posting :-)