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O Soniye & Mere Paas by Awaz Band

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    O Soniye & Mere Paas by Awaz Band

    Pakistani Awaz band of the 90s. Fakhir Mehmood & Haroon Rasheed (& the guitarist Asad if I'm correct) made quite original stuff for music lovers back then but two tracks out of all their work were outclass.

    1. O Soniye (Tera he tha)
    2. Mere Paas (Kya nahi)

    Most of their music is available online & on youtube except these two. Unable to understand why no music lovers kept them or uploaded on youtube all these years. I had them both on a CD & a cassette but both were lost during shifting houses/countries & now these two pieces from rare fine music produced in Pakistan are not available online.

    The 'O Soniye' had two version. Both equally a treat to ears. The beats sounds of one (remix) version were similar to that of railway tracks in a moving train. Remember listening to it (& Mere paas) on my walkman on repeat like crazy during long routed train journeys & other international travels that accentuated the song's original 'mystery' feel of the 'unknown'.

    Memories, memories. Just hope someone can find both those track & upload on youtube.
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    Hmm ye kia hn ??? Mjy tou samaj nai arha hn ???