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Sultan Rahi - My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle, It Folds

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    Sultan Rahi - My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle, It Folds


    My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle, It Folds
    I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure.
    It makes me wanna dribble dribble, you know.
    Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it.
    Six feet, two in a compact, no slack, but luckily the seats go back.
    I got a knack to relax in my mind.
    Sippin' sippin' on red wiiiine Nice!

    On March 31st, 2022, TikToker ameliadimz, a.k.a. the host of the Chicken Shop Date web series, posted a video that used the Duke & Jones remix, earning roughly 13.1 million plays and 1.4 million likes in four weeks.

    The aforementioned TikTok inspired users en masse going into April 2022. A dance trend emerged from the song based on the lyrics of jiggling, wiggling and folding. On April 2nd, 2022, TikToker georgeclarkeeybutworse posted a video of him dancing to the lyrics, earning roughly 2.4 million plays and 388,200 likes in four weeks (shown below, left). On April 5th, TikToker jessqualter posted a video of her and her friend dancing that earned roughly 23.1 million plays and 3.5 million likes in four weeks.

    Other TikTokers used the audio to pair with wholesome and cute videos of their pets. For instance, on April 2nd, 2022, TikToker jennnnnnnnnnns posted a video of her dog waddling towards her, earning roughly 4 million plays and 549,200 likes in four weeks. On April 15th, TikToker misscutieclover posted a video of her hedgehog in the bath, earning roughly 25.9 million plays and 5.7 million likes in 11 days.

    Due to the virality of the audio, the TikTok account of BBC reposted the original clip from October 2000 to their channel on April 12th, 2022. It earned roughly 8.5 million plays and 1.1 million likes in two weeks.

    Sultan Rahi (June 24, 1938 - January 9, 1996) was a Pakistani actor, producer and screenwriter. He established himself as one of the leading and most successful actors of Pakistani and Punjabi cinema, and received a reputation as Pakistan's "Clint Eastwood".[During a career spanning 40 years, he acted in some 703 Punjabi films and 100 Urdu films, winning around 160 awards.

    Rahi earned two Nigar Awards for his work in Babul (1971) and Basheera (1972). In 1975 he portrayed Maula Jatt in Wehshi Jatt, winning his third Nigar Award. He reprised the role in its sequel Maula Jatt. Some of his other films include Sher Khan, Chan Veryam, Kaley Chore, The Godfather, Sharif Badmash and Wehshi Gujjar.


    What was that ?



      The after-effects > > >

      Will my eyes evah be normal again ??
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        'Wehshi Gujjar'...hmm...

        Is that video clip taken from 'wehshi gujjar' ? Just wondering...

        Do you know there are some places in Pakistan that sell food dishes with similar names. Like jungli Palau, weshi biryani & what not (Never tried because the names alone kill your appetite). Just a few days ago, a video came up on my YouTube newsfeed with a recipe with a similar wild name. Can't recall what it was. Wonder if that happens anywhere else in the world.


          He is a great Punjabi films star


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            Truly sorry for whatever he's suffering from