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Bryan Adams in Spanish!

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    Bryan Adams in Spanish!

    i have had a crush on this guy since the 7th grade yet i never knew he sang any songs in Spanish Apparently, from an interview i read somewhere, he said his efforts at singing in Spanish have been "disastrous". But i dunno - the song sounds good to me.


    Spanish lyrics - i don't understand a word of 'em, but who cares when the music sounds so good and the eye-candy is um sufficiently 'satisfactory'


    Mira mis ojos / Y verás
    Que siento por ti

    En tu ser / Y hallarás, no buscarás más

    Dime que sientes mi calor / Y que corres podes mi amor (¿?)

    Sabes que si / Todo lo que hago
    Lo hago por ti...

    Mira mis ojos / Y sabrás
    Que nada te ocultan

    Soy como tú ves
    Tomame / Quisiera poder, poderte lograr (¡¿?!)

    Dime que sientes mi calor / Nada quiero más que tu amor
    Sabes que si / Todo lo que hago
    ... Lo hago por ti

    No hay amor / Como tú
    Y otro que / Te ame así
    No hay lugar si tu no estás
    Donde quisiera está

    (Sigue al corazon)

    Oh, dime que tú sientes mi calor / Nada quiero más que tu amor
    Que luchar por ti / Sufrir por ti
    daría si / Morir por ti

    Sabes que si / Todo lo que hago
    Ohhh, lo hago por ti…

    hes such a babe :love: woops i shouldnt have said that

    nadz, its ok... ive liked him since i was 11 as well... ok another confession.. i loved michael bolton too :halo:


      oh Sadzzz, you are soooooooo cute. i confess, i liked Michael Bolton too. i mean - a guy who sings 'i said i loved you but i lied / this is more than love i feel inside' - who could NOT love a guy who says those words???

      i'm so pathetic though... i started being a vegetarian cuz i read somewhere that Bryan Adams was a vegetarian So i wanted to be just like him.... :~/ That was back in the 8th grade i think... i'm STILL a (semi) vegetarian to this day. Now that is taking it too far


        hahahah ur so funny! r u still a vegatarian??

        haha oooh yeah thats the song i used to listen to day in day out.. loved it! it used to be on every sunday on video hits his long blonde curly hair blowing in the wind... divine.. i cant believe i liked that look hahahaha


          yeah i am still a semi vegetarian; i know that's stupid. i force myself to eat chicken/beef once a month, like a kabab or something..because Islamically speaking, meat is a Blessing from Allah. And i know there are millions of ppl around the world who would give anything to eat meat so it doesn't make sense for me to be ungrateful. Apart from about once a month, i don't eat meat...even stopped eating omelettes/eggs.

          hahahaha yeah his blond, long, flowing, curly hair i had such a crush on his hair lol man i was such a geek. (Emphasis on "was" ).


            i coem from gujranwala.. the word vegetarian doesnt fit into a vocabulary.. its like "woh kya cheez hothi hai" few weeks back we even got commented on the fact how much meat/food we ate... wasnt THHHAT much

            ppft eggs.. dont like em hehehe

            hahah ur not a geek and i doubt u were ever one... at least u were never found singing im a lil teapot on school benches


              hahaha... i understand what you mean cuz my whole family eats meat - they're carnivores They can't understand how someone could NOT eat meat. i'm slowly trying to brainwash my Ammi though into becoming a vegetarian Pretty soon she'll be like me and prefer lettuce over qeema

              LOL ... that is such a cute song. awww. i can just imagine you sitting on a bench and singing it That's so cute!

              i was a geek, believe me


                ^ it was more like standing and doing all the actions :halo: everyone used to watch.. it was out of pity really..

                hahaha i can sooo not ever become a lettuce convert.. but i'd give up anything to live on dhaal *yummy*

                good luck to u i hope u convert a few people haha


                  awwwww That's so cute! Did you use to tip your body over at the "pour me out" part? That is soooooo cute... i've seen kids do that at school plays (when my bro was younger, i went to his kindergarten plays)... and those kids just looked soooo adorable doing that 'spout' action. Simply too cute!!! You must have looked adorable Masha'Allah.

                  Daal, dahi, pita, and Ahmed's mango achaar - i think i could live on this for the rest of my life :halo:


                    umm yaep... the whole pour me out action too hahah trust me wasnt cute.. a friend and i wanted to go into the school variety show to perform our duet.. it never happened thank goodness

                    ooh yes.. that combination topped with ahmeds achar sounds delish.. !


                      Bryan :love:..

                      everything I dooo I do it for u :love:..

                      Ur right abt music sounds so good that we dont care abt lyrics ...thanx for sharing ..