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First time for everything

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    First time for everything

    Salaam all,
    Been viewing various posts on here for about a week having stumbled here via various searches. I have to say its refreshing to see an asian forum where the posters seem to have more depth than some of the pap I've seen. Thought I'd take the plunge and register since the incidence of a stimulating discussion seems more prevalent than other places. So I guess this is an introductory post, which I'm hopin won't get heckled down coz I'm a newbie.

    Anyway, since I'm on the audio section I thought I'd start off with a question to kind of gauge the response....which of all of Ustad Nusrat's qawwallis do you consider your favourite?

    A question steeped in neutrality I know but I figured you'd have to have a pretty closed taste in music not to have appreciated at least one of his masterpieces (Yes, I am a HUGE fan!)

    BTW : Anybody here from the UK, coz most of you guys seem to be pretty spread out?

    Peace out