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Pakistan's future?

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    Pakistan's future?

    ok now that our world cup is does our future look? wasim, waqar, saeed anwar, inzimam, saqlain, rashid lateef will all be gone soon...thats alot of players...are we gonna get any young talented players in this team? i really dont see a bright future but i hope i am wrong

    From what i know the following are retiring after the world cup.

    1. Anwar
    2. Inzi
    3. Waqar
    4. Wasim
    5. Latif
    6. Moin
    7. ????

    So we need a brand new team. Time to get the youngsters in and get some feilders.
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Inzi retiring?? noooooooooo


        Well this WC was supposed to be the swansong for a lot of these players and I don't see any reason why that should change. After this we'll need to start blooding some new guys. Taufeeq has done well and Sami looks ok. Fact is though, the cupboard's pretty bare. Might be a long haul back.


          I thought Inzi was going to stick around for a while.

          I'd like to see what kinda team PCB comes up after the WC when all the top players are going to retire. Seems like we will be pretty much the likes of ZIM, Kenya.
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            i really hope these players guys needs the chance..we need to get ready for the wc2007...i'd like to see imran nazir again...also hasan raza and shoib malik..there has to be some more talent out there


              I think Inzi will stay for a while and Anwar should be persuaded to continue for a while. There is not much talent around and we could soon go the way the Windies went during the past decade. A sorry state of affairs.


                I think Wasim Akram and Saeed Anwar have the ability to play and perform in both versions of the game for another year or two - which would help guide the youngsters as the likes of Taufeeq Umer and Mohammad Sami look up to Saeed and Wasim. They can help them develop over the next year or two.

                But both these two stars know that the selectors are as trustworthy as a thief is with an open safe - and neither of them want their distinguished and legendary careers to be ended because of the fools who sit with Wasim Bari.

                So..its a tough one. I personally believe Pakistan cricket has to take a major look at itself from here on .... people Youhana,Younis,Inzamam etc must be more consistent or else need to replaced. On the other hand, Elahi,Afridi,Razzaq,Saqlain all need to be dropped and left to work out their deficiencies. Waqar and Latif should retire because they both have not deserved to be in the team since 2001.

                And Pakistan must groom a new captain...Either ask Wasim to be the Captain and make Youhana the Vice-Captain so he can learn from the legend or bring in Moin Khan back as the skipper.

                If Saeed and Wasim stick will help us tremendously during our rebuilding process. But if these two greats decide to leave, we should applaud their immense contribution to Pakistan cricket and wish them the best as they carry on with their lives outside the game.

                Ps...Wasim Bari and Co 's heads should be ready to roll right about now.


                  Wasim will retire, Waqar and Inzi probably would be kicked out, Saeed might retire as well and Pak cricket is going te Windies way. Aik hi sport bacha tha Pak mey wo bhi in Generals ney tabah kur diya. Cricket in Pak is dead for sometime atleast.
                  We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                    Cricket in Pak is dead for sometime atleast
                    wakeup, your flight from west indies is about to land.

                    People live an breath cricket in Pakistan. The talent is there and will always be there. However, it needs be extracted. If the people sitting behind the desk refuse to do their jobs correctly then it's a different case. But everytime a right selection team pops up you'll be seeing young Wasims and Saeeds.

                    Now for the retirement of these legends. Even if they do retire right after the WC ends, they'll never abonden cricket and Pakistan Cricket. one way or another they'll always be connected.


                      After the WC, it should be a build phase for the Pakistani for the next 2 years, to prepare a stronger team for the next WC.
                      We need a new management, a new captain, and a new coach who can actually stay with his team for a longer period of time like Whatmore.
                      Since we are absolutly assured by the Indian govt that they won't be playing us this april (Who knows, they might change their mind after yesterday )

                      I don't think keeping the likes of Wasim and Saeed will do any good, it will keep youngsters like Taufeeq and Sami out of the team for a longer period of time.

                      The players who will defintly be out of after the WC are Wasim and Saeed. Inzi should be able to play for the year or 2.

                      But the players from this current team should stay.
                      Taufeeq, Inzi, Youhana, and bring in the likes of Hasan Raza, to make the middle order very strong. Pakistan needs a new captain, and that is going to be the hardest thing in the world to decide.

                      What are the opotions?


                        Actually the cupboard is not bare at all. All we lack is a opening pair of truly fast bowlers.

                        Faisal Iqbal is Miandad's nephew and plays like he does. Youhana is a classic partner for him. Iqbal players better than Younis Khan, is more consistant, has talent and can work the ball around like his uncle. Youhana is by defintion our present Miandad. We need a solid middle order, with Youhana coming 1 down. He did in Bangladesh and scored i believe 3 centuries at that position. He is a solid player who needs a good running partner.

                        I would see our middle order as:

                        3. Youhana
                        4. Faisal Iqbal
                        5. Younis Khan

                        Openers we have Imran Nazir. This kid is talented. He blasted the pace of Ambrose and Walsh in the Windies and that as an opener. He has the footwork and the placement is good. He has been bleed already by Anwar and would make an excellent opener. Omar has played well, i saw the match yesterday and there were some strokes that he played effortlessly. These two could work well together.

                        As for bowling, we have Azhar Mahmood, who is a damn good test batsman and can play at 6 or 7. He can bowl from the other end of Razzaq. Saqlain is there and so is Shoaib Ahktar. What we need now is a wickie and another fast bowler.
                        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                          not to forget Imran Nazir, whos can be another Saeed Anwar insha'Allah, all the best to him :-)
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                            I just can't see Younis Khan's future as a prominent settled batsman in the Pakistani team. Yeah we need to look for new batsman, it is now time for some experimentation. Some name comes to mind for middle order batting is Hasan Raza, Mizbah ul Haq, Faisal Iqbal, Bazid Khan.
                            Some openers coming to mind are Imran Nazir, Taufeeq Umar, would make an ideal combo.
                            Kamran Akmal looks like a very good keeper, and kept very well during Zimbabwe and South Africa.


                              Originally posted by teaser:
                              I thought Inzi was going to stick around for a while.

                              I'd like to see what kinda team PCB comes up after the WC when all the top players are going to retire. Seems like we will be pretty much the likes of ZIM, Kenya.
                              Hey we'll never be that bad!

                              Still third in ODI's as of yesterday;