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Shoaib smashes 100mph Barrier in World Cup

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    Shoaib smashes 100mph Barrier in World Cup

    It's official. Shoaib just hit 100.2mph in the match against England. All arguments done and dusted.

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      His average for the tournament is 95 MPH.

      Brett Lee eat your heart out.


        Saw that....ferocious delivery!

        The roar in the ground was deafening as he delivered that
        Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.



          "SHOAIB THE GREAT"


            Dhotis off to all those Shoaib akhter critics


              All major web sites are crediting Shoaib for bowling the fastest ever delivery recorded. EXCEPT for some indian sites who are still not sure


                ^ And we care about Indian sites because???


                  There is an old adage, which says, ‘ quicker the ball comes to the bat, the quicker it is dispatched to the boundary’. 9 overs for 63 runs somewhat proves this.

                  However, a great achievement indeed by Shoaib for passing the 100 mph mark


                    in the end all that matters the most was the match and unfortunately pakistan lost that badly so 1 delivery doesn't make any difference ... this won't win us the WC ...


                      Originally posted by BrainMasala:
                      in the end all that matters the most was the match and unfortunately pakistan lost that badly so 1 delivery doesn't make any difference ... this won't win us the WC ...

                      I hope everyone think like you. We Desis are too obsessed with personal milestones.If it was Australia Shoib would have been dropped for next match for pathetic bowling. I know it was a great achievment but if your performance is effected in pursuit of that record then its not worth it.



                        ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we lost to inglistan y u m**** f**** a******
                        sorry had to get it out of the system... rite know the 100.2mph delivery well read the following looks like the gooray still don't count the delivery as authentic i know why cos shoaib's a paki thats why if a goora had done it then it would have been yeepeee yaphaaaaaa tayaabbah.

                        reports ceefax......>>>>>>>

                        "Shoaib Akhtar has stamped his mark as the world's fastest bowler by delivering a ball at more than 100mph at the World Cup.

                        The Pakistan paceman, who was facing England's Nick Knight, turned to salute the cheering crowd after they saw the figures of 100.23mph flash up on the giant scoreboard.

                        But Rodney Hartman, World Cup communications director, said it would not be designated as official.

                        He told BBC Sport: "The ICC has always said there is not enough uniformity in the various speed guns around the world for any one performance to be designated official.

                        "What I can say is that all the speed guns in this World Cup are calibrated to measure the same rates."

                        It is the second time Shoaib has broken the magic mark.

                        Shoiab sets world record

                        "I wanted to do it and I said that before the match to the coach and the manager I wanted to do it in the second over," he said.

                        Shoaib explained he gains extra speed by winding his arm behind his back.

                        "When I get my arm back there I gain more power. It's a different action and then I just bowl quicker in the air," he added.

                        "When I'd done 158kph then I said, this is the time, I just cross the barrier and finish it for the rest of my life."

                        In April 2002, the Pakistan paceman had a delivery of 100.04mph recorded in a match against New Zealand.

                        But of the two guns which were installed to measure the delivery speeds, the official device broke down.

                        Although the Pakistan Cricket Board authenticated the achievement, many were left in doubt as to whether to trust the device which recorded the new figures.

                        Despite Shoaib breaking 100mph twice, the International Cricket Council refuses to acknowledge bowling speed figures.

                        Leading up to the tournament, many had predicted a close battle between Australia's Brett Lee and Shoaib for the title of fastest bowler.

                        Lee not interested in speed

                        But Lee was keen to stress it was more important to take wickets at the World Cup than to worry about bowling at more than 100mph.

                        why u.............


                          don't care what ICC say about this delivery. :rocket: ICC can go to hell.
                          Congrats to Shoib not just because he delivered the fastest delivery but because he was the highest scorer in this match. too bad Saeed wanted this award. may be next time molvi ji

                          Our new opening batsman: Shoib Akhter. We love you, man.


                            Originally posted by teaser:

                            Because we'd like to see their faces when their dhoties are on fire and on top of that if its because of PAK
                            Yeah but that makes them feel more important than they are. So we should just forget them.



                              iss aik delivery ko lo aur luddi pao yaan apni b**d mein le lo ... pakistan to haar gaya na ... abb iss delivery ka kia karain? achar dalain