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Pakistan name Foster as bowling coach

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    Pakistan name Foster as bowling coach

    Pakistan cricket officials confirmed on Thursday they had appointed Australian Daryl Foster as bowling coach of the national team for next month's tour to England.

    ``Foster will join the team in England and his initial contract is for two tests but is extendable up to the one-day series,'' Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) director Munawwar Rana told Reuters.

    Pakistan leave for England on May 2 with the first of the two tests starting at Lord's on May 17. The tri-nation one-day series, which also involves Australia, will begin on June 7.

    ``He will additionally work as team consultant,'' Rana said about Foster..

    ``A full-fledged foreign coach for the team will be announced later,'' Rana said.

    Foster coached the former Western Australian team and also had spells with English cricket county Kent.

    He is the second foreign coach to be hired by Pakistan. In 1999, English-born, South Africa-based Richard Pybus had a brief term with Pakistan before he was sacked in the wake of a 3-0 whitewash by Australia.

    Although the PCB has remained tight-lipped on who would be the coach to replace Javed Miandad, sources in the board say Pybus was one of the top contenders for the job.

    ``Foster has also been appointed because he helped Shoaib Akhtar to remodel his bowling action,'' Rana said.

    Foster is currently associated with the University of Western Australia in Perth which cleared Akhtar's bowling action.


    The PCB said a ``final report'' from the University of West Australia showed that the bowler, dubbed the ``Rawalpindi Express,'' was not guilty of throwing.

    Akhtar has twice been cited over his action.

    He was first reported by Australian Darrell Hair and Englishman Peter Willey in Perth in the third test against Australia in December 1999.

    The International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed in London that the pair would take charge of the Lord's encounter starting on May 17 -- an announcement which may not please Pakistan, and Akhtar in particular.

    New Zealand umpires Doug Cowie and Steve Dunne then reported him during a one-day international against New Zealand in Dunedin at the end of February.

    The 16-man Pakistan squad from the 20 probables is expected to be named on Saturday.

    What a waste of time and MONEY!! … two test matches what in the world that will do for Pakistani team? .. General of the Dumb and Raja of Dumber don’t get it .. .coach’s job is not ‘consulting’ his job is coaching! And that happens off the field in an extended period of time where players learn a coach’s system and training program… and coaching is just like computer .. a user have to have a knowledge of a program to use it properly .. if a player (Pakistani players) don’t acknowledge or understand the concept of coaching what a Gora Foster (or a Lalu-Khati coach for that matter) would do ? … if Australian ‘Foreign’ more specifically Gora coaching is so effective than it will produce results in two test matches and every Era-Ghera-Nathu-Khera nation should line up and hire Gora coaches to do magic with ball and bat !
    It is ridiculous how much lie and more lies after another is generated by PCB to cover up for nepotism and lack of vision… there is no such concept of Planning/Organization/Achievement in this board… what do you expect of an institution where people like Zakir Khan (courtesy of Immy .. SFARSHI TATOO) , Ramiz Raja (a mediocre crickter with no in-depth understanding of the affairs) and a Bozo General ( remind me what is his qualification as a PCB director ??? being an army General with keen interest in sports wow! )

    Hey one more thing
    These things are hard to explain
    For some it seems strange... to swallow
    The frontier of our minds
    Is the last place we find
    But maybe the first place we should go


      I think a foreign coach will be a big step forward for Pakistan but he will need to be of the top calibre. Pakistani coaches get treated like sh*t by the big stars, maybe they would be inclined to listen more to a foreigner. Sad though that is.


        I agree with Rooster blues, it is a waste of money and shows lack of brains and planning within Pakistan cricket. A coach should be on long term basis and not two matches.


          So they r thinking that Foster will come with a magic stick n do miracles for Pak cricket team

          HA HA HA


            The PCB didn't hire Foster as a coach. They need him as a respected non-Pakistani to vouch for the legality of Shoaib's action. With him in our corner the umpires and the media will no longer dare to question our superstar. I wish Shoaib and all of Pakistan the best of fortune. Pakistan Zindabad!


              an australian!