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Indian board threatens World Cup boycott

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    Indian board threatens World Cup boycott

    India's cricket board has threatened to boycott the World Cup and the ICC Knockout Cup until the government clarifies its policy on playing in ``non-regular'' venues, a top board official said on Tuesday.

    Board of Control for Cricket in India president A.C. Muthiah said the decision was taken after the board received a government letter saying the team was not to play at ``non-regular'' venues such as Sharjah and Singapore for the next three years.

    ``We have asked the government for a clear cut policy decision,'' Muthiah told reporters after a board working committee meeting.

    ``Till the guidelines are received we will participate in bilateral and triangular tournaments but not in the Asia Cup, ICC Knockout or the World Cup... Once they send us the guidelines we may review our decision,'' he added.

    The Indian government cancelled a proposed test tour of Pakistan late last year and denied permission to the country's cricket team to play in this month's triangular one-day tournament in Sharjah alongside Pakistan.

    Relations between the two neighbours have been strained because of continuing political tensions over the disputed Himalayan state of Kashmir.

    ``We don't know if we can play Pakistan if we meet in the World Cup. The government only talks of venues but it is not clear if opponents also matter,'' Muthiah said.

    The Pakistan Cricket Board said last month it would sever cricketing relations with India after India withdrew from the Sharjah tournament.

    Pakistan Cricket Board Director Munawwar Rana said they would ``not cross borders if the International Cricket Council (ICC) allocates next year's knockout tournament to India.''

    Pakistan last played India in January 2000.

    Thank you for the information Mr. ehsan.
    I will look into the matter at the earliest.


      Once again another excuse by the Indians to not to play pakistan. Like Asia cup where they have to play Pakistan.

      Thank you, come again


        No need for you to investigate, just ask your silly saffron brigade.


          Originally posted by UMAIR316:
          Once again another excuse by the Indians to not to play pakistan. Like Asia cup where they have to play Pakistan.

          Ditto !!! all the indian board can do is come up with lame excuses not to play against Pak.. n i dont c ne harm playing in Sharjah or Singapore....huh..besides it doesnt make ne difference if india boycotts the WC n other tournaments.. its their own loss..


            who cares bout those scared fa**ots?the hell with their threats.the world cup would be much better without them and their stupid ignorant crowd.i hope they dont play,since it will result in more embarrasment for them.



              Originally posted by true paki:
              who cares bout those scared fa**ots?the hell with their threats.the world cup would be much better without them and their stupid ignorant crowd.i hope they dont play,since it will result in more embarrasment for them.

              Well said totally agree with u !!


                I beg to differ with you two above.

                Firstly if India is playing, their participation in the tournaments make the game much more interesting to watch. Cmon guys we all love to watch Pakistan play against India. In addition to that, its not Indian Cricket team's fault, its the government which is not letting them play.
                I think we are gonna miss a great show between Pakistan and India in upcoming Toronto cup and Singapore cup.

                FYI : My team here in KC played a match against an indian team and we beat them both the matches. How much fun !!


                  It's about time the Indian cricket board officals stood up to the Hindutva madmen running their country.

                  Pakistan is on the verge of scoring a diplomatic coup thanks to the attitude of the government and suddenly the Indian cricket board is getting loose bowel movements.

                  I predict that the Indian government will once again climb down and make an ass of itself once it realises it's hypocrisy will be exposed if it takes part in the World Cup and ICC KO tournament.

                  to the PCB for manoeuvering the Indians into a corner which they will have to squirm out of with a complete loss of face.


                    Hi Xtreme, I will have to disagree with you for once. The Indian government will not lose face by climbing down on the issue. You see they dont have a face to lose.


                      Good point Ehsan. they are indeed a shameless bunch.


                        Bharti tells Cricket Board not to 'dictate' policy
                        25 April 2001

                        The Government today hit back at the Cricket Board for threatening to pull out of the World Cup and other major international tournaments and bluntly told it not to "dictate" its policies based on national interest.

                        A day after the Cricket Board said it would not participate in the Asia Cup in Pakistan in December this year, the ICC Knock-Out tournament in India next year and the World Cup in South Africa in 2003 till the Government clarified its policy regarding playing against Pakistan, Sports Minister Uma Bharti charged the Board with taking unilateral decisions.

                        In a hurriedly-summoned press conference, Bharti said the Government's approval regarding India's participation in multi-nation series had already been conveyed to BCCI. "As far as clarification is concerned, the Board never approached us formally. Therefore the question of issuing a clarification or guidelines does not arise," the minister said. Dismissing the Board's statements yesterday as mere pressure tactics, Bharti said, "Government's policy of not playing Pakistan in the present circumstances is a final one and India's self-respect and prestige, which are more important than everything else, will not be compromised. If BCCI says it is not going to participate in World Cup or any other tournament it's their headache," she said.

                        When her attention was drawn to the Board's query on what it should do if India were to play Pakistan in the World Cup, Bharti said, "our stand is clear...if such an unavoidable situation arises, India will go ahead and play. We are only against a planned bilateral cricket series against Pakistan."

                        "The time is not yet ripe for resuming bilateral cricketing relations with Pakistan," she said, adding, "cricket is not just an ordinary game. It is extraordinary in that it is an expression of national sentiment."

                        Expressing her surprise at BCCI taking a "decision on its own" not to play in major tournaments, she said "the unilateral decision of BCCI is hasty, inappropriate and unfortunate".

                        "The government takes foreign policy decisions keeping in mind national interests. The Board has no business to dictate policies to us," she said. Emphasising that the government decision was a collective one, she said it "decides its policy on the basis of national interest and not on extraneous considerations".

                        On whether India's chances of holding ICC Knockout tournament next year would be affected by government's policy, she said, "I had asked ICC President Malcolm Gray when he met me recently whether India's non-participation in the tri-series in Sharjah would affect our hosting the ICC Knockout and he replied in the negative saying it was a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan".

                        The Sports Minister said the government would extend full co- operation in hosting the ICC Knockout tournament. "Whatever clarification is required, BCCI is free to approach me. My telephone is working, my fax is working and my doors are always open," she said.

                        Bharti said there would be no problem about Pakistan's participation in the November 3-11 Afro-Asian Games and her ministry had already cleared India's participation in the Asian Junior Volleyball Championship to be held in Islamabad from May 10 to 19.


                          Well, well, well it seems the saffron brigade does not like their butts kicked when it comes to playing cricket with Pakistan.